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  1. Please I had psychosis, delusions precisely while using 500mg hempworx CBD oil. From your lab result the 500mg contained about 12mg as oppossed to 0.3mg they said it contains. Can 12mg THC give one psychosis?

  2. No one is making money though lol. Look at their 2019 Income Disclosure Statement, it shows that 98% of reps only averaged $80 a month, and since you have to spend that amount every month on products to even qualify for commissions, you're literally making nothing! And it says the average expenses people incur is $1608 a year, therefore, 98% of people are losing more than $1600 a year lol. Anyone who reads that and would still think it's a good idea to join, is a very gullible person, which we know that's the type they prey on.

    Here's the link to their Income Disclosure Statement that comes straight from their website https://www.hempworx.com/incomeDisclosure

    Never support predatory MLM's, that use a pyramid scheme Business model, no matter how good their product is!

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