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  1. Had there motor breath at 32 percent and high terps. Some of the freshest and best bud I’ve had from the Florida medical scene. Trulieve has some really good cultivar collection tho.

  2. if ur geting it from cali/LA its some of the best weed out there lol make sure ur packs are real, there weed and there rosins some of the best u can get ur hands on.

  3. There's been good an bad with all cali packs. Finding someone with a proper contact is key. Half the time people are just rebagging with top end UK or cali that is second rate at best. I've seen so many bagseed grows from jb alone that have been good crops some people are paying for that UK gorwn bagseed and paying 80 cus it's in a pack others can be more honest but charge flavour prices. I tend to stick to the better known UK growers directly or through other contacts. There's a ton of talent in the UK these days.

  4. In Birmingham I've been suffering for years as a smoker .
    The prices are a skank and the bud is shit .

    I'm so heart broken as a smoker , Ive smoked all my life and I'm nearly 40 now , never thought getting g bud would be this hard .
    No wonder everyone smokes crack and heroin around here .

  5. I'm from Birmingham and you can't even get Jungleboys or any legit cali bud in most areas . It's been years since I even saw any of the good old Dutch Haze and Cheese .

    Now everyone has got this rock hard homegrown bud that they call haze .
    Some of these guys buy the jb mylar packs for 99p on ebay and just sell their bud in those .

    Sadly I've never tasted any legit Jungle Boys stuff and the only legit cali strain I've smoked us Stardawg .

  6. The jungle boys use to much photo synthesis as many other growers do. The buds looked stressed out like over extent trich production…but it seems everyone like this as do I. Well I can’t change this sunset sherbet growing op lol I don’t get to set the lighting times anyways seems cheaper than most of that 20 a g in the nethers lol

  7. Never tried Jungle Boys. There is now way to get your hands on some over here. But they put a lot of time into Genetics and Phone Hunting. Also they kind of revolutionised the LED Growers Market with their perfect spectrum LEDś. Furthermore they developed their own nutrition programs. As I said I never tried it but for sure I know they are some of the most hard working cannabis companies I know.

  8. i dont really know how to feel about jungle boys, had some jungle cake and sour apple killer that was really really dank but the skittelz cake and florida cake sucked

  9. Lad you would of literally of been about 9 or 10 in 2006 and u was only gonna be like 18-19 in 2016 like you were smoking the best of the best buds around at that time, everyone knows that dealer will just give teens anything and calling it whatever ,u only start getting good weed when your older cuz u know alot more about bud and ain't ain't kid you would of got whatever your dealer would of said it was , you wouldn't of known different

  10. you are talking about jungle boys in the uk, most of that shit was fake mate, not real in fake packets, the real shit is in cali and they are jumpin. new dispensaries all over! uk jungle boys was FAKE FAKE FAKE

  11. Jungle boys were… and STILL are legit. What had happened was that theyre marketing got infiltrated and since late 2019 a huge amount of fakes have been flooding the uk with the canna verification sites all faked up and ready to use. Today, there is an extremley high chance you have been smoking fake JB weed. Most of us have. They have always stuck to their strict consistency policy. They dont pull out 'standard' weed.. not ever

  12. I dont think they ever had a downfall at all. The actual fact that they put so much work into pheno hunting and put out work, out of 100+ strains all if them are never going to be keepers.

  13. What about COOKIES??? Do another vid just like this, but regarding COOKIES brand, I'd love to hear the UK perspective on that! Similar provenance and game changing contributions! Also went thru a "boof" phase, or ARE THEY STILL? You tell us! =)

  14. Main reason Jungle boys has fallen off is because they produce a lot of weed and a lot of different variations. When you mass produce weed on that scale you are not going to have 100% great batches regardless of Genetics. I still go to Jungle Boys but I pheno hunt strains. At any given time Jungle boys has many as 20 in house strains going, out of those 20 strains 2 or 3 will be Fantastic while the others might be good to average. My biggest complaint with Jungle boys lately has been the smell. But I recently picked up Grape Gelato 21 and Strawberry creme from then at they are both Fire as can be. No grower is going to produce Amazing batches every time great weed isn’t just about the Genetics, it’s about the Batches. Great Genetics can and will produce average batches. Jungle boys don’t give a fuck if a batch is average, they will simply lower the price and still sell it.

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