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  1. Thailand will become irrelevant of this bad PR becomes global. I really dgaf either way, other than less legal week in the world inly benefits corrupt governments and brutal cartels. Ask me how o know?

  2. Yeah but it might be very lucrative to make it illegal and then seize all the product in the country… Thailand has had some very draconian laws and believe me they wouldn’t be afraid to blatantly entrap lots of business, it’s more likely that they will make licensing much more difficult to obtain and disqualify many businesses and charge them fees to reapply.

    It could be all good, I hope so, the economy there must be doing much better with this new tourism

  3. I do a lot of business with big cannabis farms in Nth East Thailand, I also have interests in a shop, it's wait and see. It looks like it is harshly weighted towards consumers not people in the industry. There will probably be tourist areas for weed and everyone that lives here will need to buy a script/ license. It's Thailand its about money for the elite.

  4. I recently got back from Thailand and I heard that the draft bill is to do with many Thai locals using weed instead of pharmaceutical products and big pharma in Thailand is losing profit.

  5. Probably just going to be a change unless there are extenuating factors. I’d like to think the Thai government has realized the benefits medically and how recreationally it’s a lot like drinking with a noticeable Down tick in violent behavior. It seems like a net benefit overall especially with proper legislature hopefully they push towards full legalization so more countries can use it as an example to legalize as well.

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