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  1. People are so quick to forget about synthetic marijuana such as spice, that sent people to the hospital, and jump on its much safer baby brother/sister delta8/delta10/hhc/etc.. alot of these molecules are only ever isolated in a lab for one thing and secondly they are synthetic cannbinoids found in under 1% in actual flower. Furthermore most if not all delta8 products..edibles are largely made with distillate and smoking legal flower.. aka help with a synthetic cannabinoids sprayed on it.. obviously not as health benefitial as smoking full spectrum flower and your entirely taking a risk with delta 8, delta 10, hcc products with no legislation on them.

  2. mane i be in cincy ohio blowin down space pack zips across da street from feds nd a few mins down from da court house w no problems juh crack heads bc like lemme hit dat buh hell naw 🤣

  3. Best legal option on the market in my opinion. Better than delta 8/10, hhc/o, thco, etc.. Same high, same quality flower, shipped right to your door. Not sprayed on after the fact.. My plug is really far away, so this has been a solid option. Highly recommend.

  4. Weed that gets harvested early is mainly thca and has to be dried in a “cool” place to stop conversion Ito thc, thca alone isn’t psychoactive so it’s legal technically. Crazy laws in the US, i wish the uk government was so blasé about it in our laws too.

  5. Bunch of people been selling These hemp packs as reg weed since it looks like reg weed but it just has that 0.3 thc and i seen this going around for a while and i laugh because i come from smoking real dank strains since the 2000s and i even seen trap shops selling these strains as reg weed tricking the people lol. it is wild how it kinda looks like it would be good bud if you don't know your tree game!

  6. Decarboxylation, AKA Decarbing, is the process of spontaneously converting THCA to THC with heat (approximately 80-120 C). During decarbing THCA is converted to THC when the carboxylic acid group on THCA is removed liberating a CO2 molecule and leaving THC behind.

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