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  1. I’ve noticed my dog having trimmers. I just took her in for X-rays. They couldn’t find anything. But I will not be giving her this any more. What can I use in its place? That’s a healthy approach?!

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could give your opinion on Gabapentin? My dog was on it for 4 days….got severe Ataxia, lethargy, couldn't walk, anxiety, pacing, panting, falling (it was bad) because it is not common for pets to have such side effects. My vet can't believe she had such a reaction. She is slowly returning to normal, but still a shell of the dog she was before going on it. It's been just over 2 wks since she had it, and she still has severe anxiety, and trembles when she sees people. (Before she was very outgoing and friendly) any suggestions or comments would be very helpful. I'm hoping she will return to herself. Anyone else have issues with their pet on Gaba?

  3. My in-laws dog has a seizure every time they give this to their dog. They swear it's not the med because their vet would never prescribe it if it wasn't safe.

  4. Can you please suggest an alternative to Trifexis? How can we naturally prevent our dog from getting fleas or how can we naturally rid them of fleas once they get them? Thank you!

  5. Another great video. Could you please do a video about dogs with overly long nails? During the COVID shutdown I was unable to get my chihuahua’s nails trimmed and now both her groomer and the vet I started taking her to in 2022 are saying they can’t cut her nails to a more normal length because they are too long. A Westie I had many years ago ran up a fence and two of her nails were pulled out. At first I was horrified but her vet assured me they would grow back and they did. I can understand that there will be bleeding if the nails are cut to the vein and maybe they could only do a few each visit. But I have never heard of having to leave them so long that they might cause other problems. thanks.

  6. Thank you so much. I went as far as inducing vomit for my dog the smell is poisonous. I got some again not knowing what to buy??? HELP. IM IN LOUISIANA PLEASE

  7. Thank you. Another thing causing pets to be sick, especially older ones, supplements. I bought Y"""move for my dog. I am not sure what was in it but after 4 days, she started dry heaving every morning. So pet parents need to be hyper aware about what they give. Do ONE thing, at least a week. TY

  8. Dr Jones, could you do a video on dogs who have had covid? My Pug dog is fighting for her life with immune-mediated thrombocytopenia and anemia following covid . Yes our whole family had ba4 variety. Our rural vet won't refer us to the emergency room for platelet infusion and her TCP count is down to 30 with dexamethasone and a new steroid we got last week. We just need to know what supplements are appropriate and FYI we feed the raw food diet and we don't do vaccines or any drus/chemicals/toxins. Our pugs live to be 19 and 20. This one was the picture of Health at 13. She was fit and trim like a six-year-old. Never had an illness and it wasn't in her genetics. @Veterinary secrets ❤️❤️❤️

  9. I have a question nothing related to your vlog but any advice would be good. We had 3 dogs and 2 of them were sisters with genetic issues which meant we had to have the smallest one euthanized after 6 years she had too many issues which were not covered by pet insurance after spending up to £5,000 on the smallest of the 2 she suffered a detached lens and we had the eye removed but then 18 months later the other eye suffered the same outcome, she was in severe pain and we had her on pain relief for a week whilst we watched how she reacted to being totally blind. She became miserable and aggressive towards the other 2 and when we tried to walk her, she would just whine and shake and show no interest in a walk. We took the very difficult decision to have her euthanized rather than remove the other eye and watch her deteriorate . This was over a year ago, her sister took a couple of weeks to get over her loss but the other dog has been depressed since that loss, he hates going for walks, never wants to play and shows all the signs of depression. He will only eat when we hand feed him, is there anything we can give him to pep him up as he only seems to want to sleep all the time. We are retired so spend all our time with our dogs so it's very difficult to watch him being this way, he was such a bundle of fun and was always up for play and walks but this has all changed since we lost his little friend who he did have a special relationship with. He shows no interest in the other sister, and the vets in the UK are useless with advice. All they care about is consultation fees and treatments. Is there anything I can do to re energise his appetite for life. He's only 8 years old has no weight issues and not on any medication.

  10. Thank You Dr. Jones. I have given our dogs this when they were under 1 year of age, but since they only hang out in our backyard and neighbor walking, I am glad that I do not feel the need, so for the last 6 months, they are not taking this preventive pill. Thanks again for your sincere works!

  11. I stopped giving it to my dog and my dad’s dog years ago. They both would sniff it and as soon as i put it in their mouths started to show signs of dry heaving of the mouth. I am not subjecting them to these toxic poisons no matter how much my vet makes me feel guilty for not protecting them. I’ll choose safer options.

  12. I stopped giving it to my dog and my dad’s dog years ago. They both would sniff it and as soon as i put it in their mouths started to show signs of dry heaving of the mouth. I am not subjecting them to these toxic poisons no matter how much my vet makes me feel guilty for not protecting them. I’ll choose safer options.

  13. My Dalmatian died from this, I put it on him and he went into a catatonic state in minutes, I put him in the tub to try to rinse it off but it didn't help so when I rushed him to the vet they couldn't do anything. They tried muscle relaxants but it just made it worse and he died in a few hours of vet care. They called Trifexis and they said oh well, they didn't apologize or say they were sorry and the vet handed me the phone and they didn't care that he died!

  14. my dog started peeing blood when she drank flea and tick meds. it attacked her kidneys and liver. Just use natural products guys. bath your dogs with a mix of white vinegar and warm water. then add a little bit of vegan coconut oil. not only it kills and prevents bugs in your pets it also kills any infections in their skin.

  15. 🌟🌟You are the BEST Dr. Jones❤❤❤ It’s so obvious your true intentions are to help others ❤❤❤please don’t stop 🦮🐕‍🦺🐈🐈‍⬛🐩🐕🌟🌟

  16. And the numbers are only what was reported… It is a fraction of the actual number of harmed animals because most don't even get reported, especially if the side effects appear months or years later. What people don't understand the owners and their children are also being harmed by petting their pet who ingested or had the poison applied topically and is now shedding it.
    This is criminal and these companies should not be in existence. Why do authorities do nothing about it? Is the corruption on such high level these companies are untouchable

  17. Thank you for sharing! I gave my dog this, he got a seizure the next day. I told the vet and she denied a correlation..did it again and same result!! Now he suffers from seizures but fortunately CBD has helped so much. The flea and tick preventions lowered his threshold to seizures.

    I have him wear an amber baltic collar all the time and use organic coconut oil or Project Sudz flea and tick spray if we hike.

  18. I just gave my dog this medication last week. He was throwing up several times the next day. I want give it to him again. WHAT CAN I GIVE HIM THAT WANT HARM HIM OR MAKE HI SICK DR.? I HAVE A SHIH TZU DOG. HE WEIGHS 19LS

  19. I gave my 15 lb dog this and he got really sick. I think the all in one preventives can be too much for some dogs. He also has reactions to flea collars. I give the heart worm meds separate and flea stuff in summer only.

  20. I received a free sample of this medication and after giving it to my puppy, he immediately became lethargic and started vomiting. Fortunately he didn’t have more severe or lasting side effects.

  21. Comfortis is Spinosad only. Trifexsis combines it with MO. Spinosad is a natural soil bacteria derivative that is not a poison. When used on vegetable plants as a miticide/insecticide it is considered “organic”, even up to the day of harvest. A simple comparison of comfortis vs other products would confirm/expose any problem.

  22. I had the same problem with Seresto collars. My 2 huskies had them on for about 5 hrs. It was the first time we tried them because everyone was recommending them. Both dogs were vomiting and they were lethargic. My older husky had more side effects. He couldn’t walk and he was crying badly when I was touching his back. I took those collars off immediately. It took about 10 hrs after I took them of for my pups to get better. We were camping in the middle of nowhere at that time so we didn’t have any hospital to go close by. We decided to wait a while to see if they will be getting any better. Thankfully they were. Next day they were ok. I started to read reviews about these collars and I found out that a lot of dogs died or was paralyzed because they started to have symptoms after days or weeks of wearing Seresto collars and it was too late for them. Thankfully my huskies started to have symptoms right away and they were ok. That was very scary. Since then we are using only natural stuff.

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