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  1. Thanks for being real , I appreciate your journey. I have been growing for 10 years and this Summer, I decided to grow Autoflowers. I got the seeds from ILGM seeds, and one was a hermie AK 47 which produced seeds in my AK 47, Sour Diesel, and Zittles. I have tons of questions.I hope you cab help. Thanks 46:05

  2. My question is what made the triangle the best place n the world for cannabis, is it the environment or is it the concentration of the of education of growers. Like for example i know the best coal miners come from west Virginia because thats what families there have been doing for centuries

  3. I purchased pancakes from Leos aficionado brand !!! Amazing terps!!! I missed out on the re-release of 13th ghost , I really wish I could've got those seeds !!! Would like to see a live show with Leo so we can talk about some of his strains. Rip subcool !!! Should've talked about cuvee ( pinot nior f4× space dude )

  4. Glad I came across this vid, I just so happen to have a few of Leo's Miyazaki O.G.'s sat here next to me really nice Kushes with great structure look forward to flowering them 🔥

  5. These cali dudes forget that Kentucky, West Virginia, Florida, Virginia, upstate New York, etc also produced a dickload of weed for America. To say me so pumped out 80% of the weed in the nation at one point is a straight up LIE

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