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  1. Just got my nug smasher og today and even though it was late I'm happy to have here and smashing my own rosin thanks guy this is an awesome rosin press product and I finally feel calm now

  2. Just subscribed, as I am a huge weed, thc, wax, rosin fan.. however you may look at it lol. This channel deserves way more subscribers, the thumbnails are on point 👌🏽 I think with a couple better quality cameras and maybe smoking a little bit of your extract on camera would go along way with fellow stoners who enjoy smoking and watching others get high as well! Much love 🙏🏽

  3. What do you think about the Rosin Pre Press from Graveda? Is it too much pressure? Do i really need stuff like that for Professional Rosin? I love your Videos and learned a lot ✌🏻

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