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  1. Thank you "Walter Chronic"!

    My impression from the article was the manufacturer had product that wouldn't pass inspection due to pesticide. So the product was made into vapes for the black market. And, instead of packaging them in a generic, or different package, they leveraged their brand; out of greed and hubris.

  2. My favorite news reporter
    I heard about this and what I heard is that they had there legit buisness but didn't have a permit for the other warehouse that got busted, and we're making extractions and vape cartridges with products that contained pesticides. So I think instead of getting rid of the product they probably found that niche market were they could still make money instead of trashing it. 🤷‍♂️ Who knows keep us updated

  3. Jack, I saw proof that LOL Edibles ower which is junk owns legit dis in oregon i think and has puffy i think it is called it is a weed delivery program. The owner used his illgotten gain to open legit buisnesses and still rips off people!

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