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  1. Dude if your back keeps going the way it is you’re going to start to losing money because of it.

    Your problem is you getting way too big, I don’t remember you this big ever. The bigger you get the more weight your back has to hold up and the worse your back will feel. Losing weight should be your number one priority right now.

  2. Yo Thomas bro may the Lord Jesus stay with you , and bro check these strains out becuase I know you’ll like um ,heavy og,Scooby snacks,iron lungs,blackberry gelato,joker,Batman og,super lemon haze,granddaddy purple,loud dream,caferacer,grape gas,sharklato,shark cake,gorilla cookies,petroleum og,green crack,zaza,strawberry cheesecake,kosher kush

  3. Could you please review Vice City hash dry tech they have many strains could do full spectrum vs X2filtered, smoking from Ireland here been copping some nice vice City hash coming in from Cali be cool to see your opinion of it and a price comparison 8 saw they had a stand at the event 😎💪

  4. Watching this at home. Just got in a car wreck. A dumbass dog ran in the road and I slowed down for him and the person behind me wasn’t paying attention and slammed into me. He hit me like 10 seconds after the fact I slowed down. He was some stupid ass old man not watching the road. Glad he’s okay, and the dog. It wasn’t even my car. It was my boyfriends mom car, we are using it because my mom was driving my car September 1st and someone hit her. Totaled my car. Been looking for a new one. While I’ve been looking, my mother in law was generous enough to let us use her car. And then this happens. Oh and I lost my job a month ago, and I’ve been doing DoorDash so there goes that now.
    Life has just really been fucking me over these past couple of months. It’s literally something every fucking week! I can’t catch a break dude!😭😭😭
    Thanks for this video. Happy new years.
    Sad new years end for me and a even worse new years start.


    Also now that you have THC-A do you think you'll start phasing out HHC and just replace all the products with THC-A instead? Then when the US fully decriminalizes regular weed you'll switch to fully THC?

  6. I love this channel and have been around for a little bit but i have been back and forth on buying a 1/8th because i live in Michigan where its legal and cheap so would it be worth it to try some or should i just stick with Michigan stuff.

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