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  1. hope you read this but just got my stuff delivered from you and man you have the best product I’ve ever tried, they are all smooth hits and the fact that I know is safe for me it’s even better, smoking carts that aren’t that bad for you compared to any other cart litteraly, probably will forever buy this shhh honestly it lives up to the name and it really is fkkkng dope asff , I wanted to give a review about this cus it deserves it , (im a guy that can care less about reviews) so that means a lot

  2. assuming the gummies weigh 20G each (which is probably a gross over estimate)
    that means 20G X .3 hash rosin thc (probably food grade) = 6mg of rosin in each edible and 60mg of rosin in each bag
    awesome that it can be shipped legally and should be very cheap for consumers because there is barely anything in there!
    maybe 30usd MAX but who knows with your tax system over there

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