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  1. he just want the nut but it takes alot more water to grow those plants n stuff than the leftover cow meat from the milk industry soo?! which is better for the enviroment truely? the food we consume is not the real issue here

  2. "I just think all the religious stuff are retarded," this guy does extremely dangerous stuff for living, risking his life every chance he gets,is actually thoughtful about his diet, actually almost died once yet still chose to do the same dangerous thing because it's his calling and doesn't believe in god. truly he is the most interesting person i've ever seen

  3. It’s hilarious that people think being vegetarian is good for you. 😂 Yes for eons Northern Europeans like him had never ending fruits and veggies from all over the world. They didn’t literally survive mostly on wild game and raw dairy. You know the things that have good fats that are essential for you brain?

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