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  1. Yeah the prices around the world are kind of high but me myself I will pay the prices to keep it legal because iv done time over marijuana before it went legal where I'm at here in the U.S.

  2. biggest custy in the youtube game smdh thats a garbage $45 eighth that nobody here in america wants so it gets shipped overseas for some dumbass in a gucci hat to pay triple retail on lmfao

  3. Idc what anyone says 110 for a 3.5 is nuts.

    I just copped a half of some really banging Blueberry Runtz for 110, here in London. Tasted great, nice clean smoke and was leaving me slumped.

  4. This is alll Bullshit , if I bought him 5 different louds without the name on the front , he wouldn’t know what the fuck they are . It’s all marketing.

  5. 110 for 3.5 ??vs £180 for 28g star dog I pay.what is the difference between the two? I have had the dog for over a week and it still has the same kick now as it had when I first bought it.oh I am behind the times as I still say Henry but I thought about it and I am getting it from people my age range 40/50 so it’s probably a generation thing.But it’s still common to use the term in the uk although different areas sometimes have their own terms. I throw in the hat the term a bottle of water =a quarter 7g .but at that price it is a term that will rarely be used in my house ✌️

  6. Bro, ur getting scammed. I can get an half oz of str8 fire for 110. And its better than that bullshit. Its just weed bro, nothing exotic about it. Stop paying for name or colorful packaging. Are we kids? Lol.

  7. Must be a right Minge to be spending that much for a 3.5… if I really wanted to try these “flavours” I’d just buy the fucking seeds for 100 and grow it myself way better value for money😂

  8. Bro ur crazy if ur really paying these prices u say that’s nuts u need to come to Toronto there’s all that for a 1/3 of that price in cad money soo like 1/5 the price n we’ve got the best weed in the world by far here we’ve got the weed from all over the world but Rs is the beat

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