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  1. Yes bro raw ninja😆 am I no u said last time I can buy all my raw products off the official site but I live in UK which I can't get shipping form alot of places that sell ur products which strange?so across about 5 different sites I've maned two aquire most raw products 💯 ie back pack day bag raw life grinder Ash trys etc etc the one thing I can't fined in xxl is the raw smokeing suit in black wat ur wearing?any ideas where I can get it man? Amd it's pissed me off so much I need two open a raw shop in my city in the uk for shore in not so long two come💯 un tapped market my city and surrounding citys!and it done me in scanning over the Internet through different sites two get all the stuff I wanted and delivered two the uk so all in one place and in the uk and delivers a.around the uk winner💪💯 must get the money two open bissness!unless u wana back me man🙂👍💯

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