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  1. when I smoke with my friends they tell me how There highs are and they seem to have Like a chill high where the Can Just Like play Madden for hours straight. But when I tell them about my highs the think its weird its almost like my brain gets all messed up and thinks in a dream Like when u wake up in the morning and your really tired after a shitty night of sleep and my eyes site gets ALL messed up and I get tunnel vision some times and it happens to me all the time do you know why that is?

  2. I don't know why it bothers me but when you say 1 and 1/4 about papers it's one in a quarter like a a quarter bag so papers are either 1.5 1.25 or one and a quarter

  3. I don't get it. (I may be one of those ignorant people so just bare with me). Why do most people use a hemp wick? Like, what's the point when you can just you use the lighter you used to light the wick?

  4. Dope review Josh. I really actually like rolling joints 😛 Once you get em down their easier to roll than stuff imo. But nonetheless joints are awesome! Cheers dawg

  5. I think your hitting the chillum as you would a bong and therefore it pulls more weed through and more suction and you get them damn scoobies, try using just the auction of your mouth

  6. Haha so glad I'm not the only one who can't roll joints well. Your vids are great though bro I love smoking and watching them. My name is Josh too lol

  7. duuuude i love the beats you throw up in the backround while your takein a rip/dab very chill and laid back sounding. Yet again another great video from you Josh stay smileing stay medicated peeace

  8. I absolutely loved my chillums, sadly, they break pretty easily…I think I let my dad use it and he dropped it on the counter and it broke….definitely need to find another one…..whatd you think of it ?

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