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  1. I make them vegetarian, empanada , and I have reached a nice flavor , with mix of impossible or the other pea protein, and soy meatlike with a cumin based – meat and veggie broth
    Then all semifried with a salted -onion/garlic/ paprika salt , and sugar ….
    Dough well depends how much fat( veggie fat I put)

    Y me quedan weenas!

  2. No Victoria! You need to brush up on your history of the German immigration to Chile which began after the Franco Prussian wars in the 19th century. In fact the largest population of Germans outside of Germany is in the South Chile. The came from Hesse. Most of the them immigrated in the1800s and they colonized and built the south of Chile.

  3. The German farming community where I lived made Bierocks, which is essentially a savory meat pie like empanadas, but yeasty – potato dough one is best IMO. The filling is simply, ground beef, onion, cabbage, salt and pepper. Sounds basic, but damn is it good. Can't find them anymore.

  4. Triangular shape for enpanada is when they are spacy (a little touch of red chili pepper sauce). And rectangular without any spacy flavor, just comino. It is interesting to highlight that Chilean enpanadas never use garlic, or oregan, just paprika and comino as spice for that authentic récipe.

  5. Wow, this is the first time, I saw someone adding a " caluga" to add flavour to empanadas and wine, well I'm from the south and it's a little weird to me. I'll try it… someday.

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