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  1. Been finding a seed or two from the bud I get and saved them over the winter. Now I'm gonna try my hand at growing this year, backyard-outdoor. Been watching a lot of these and others videos as well as doing tons of research. I got 8 seeds that have all sprouted into seedlings and I couldn't be more excited. Had 9 but an incident occurred this morning where someone decided to yank one of the seedlings out of it's container 🙁 . I'll be happy just to even get 1 or 2 females out of the 8. Not trying anything special or trying to get the greatest yield I can, just some for personal use and maybe one or two other people.

  2. Dont waste your time on midgrade seeds. Get a cut of something of know quality. If you cant get a cut from anyone. Get good seeds from a respected vendor. Skip seeds here now and ilove growing marijuana. Never trust anyone who uses the term Marijuana.

  3. It starts with the soil ( potting soil ) . With out good soil, I don't care what kind of genetics you plant. The best soil I have found is the HF and OF by fox farm. No paper towel thing. just drop seed in soil using HF. Keep moist and warm above oven in cabinet. 3 or 4 days and you got weed. 21/2 weeks or 3 transplant from cup to bigger pot using half and half HF and OF. Waite 2 weeks and transplant last time using OF only. Never use nutrients until week 6. The HF and OF have all the nutrients and (PH) at 6.8- that will last for 5 to 6 weeks. My ladies are looking beautiful on day 20. I grow mine outside

  4. I had black Ice strain, it was a heavy hitter, the percentage said it was at damn near 40%, I'm a heavy smoker and need a blunt every 8 mins to stay sane, I only needed one blunt of black ice and I was good for a few hours, my edible tolerance is 400 mg of THC at one time. I want to buy some black ice seeds bc I can never find anymore of the bud in the dispos near me, I also bought jelly pancakes strain, it too had a higher THC % than 30, it was dense and also a heavy one blunt hitter for me, I got it at the dispo and it was heavily seeded, and still was strong enough to keep me lifted for a good few hours, so I'm about to grow jelly pancakes, and black ice, and if I can successfully grow and harvest them, I'm going to breed them together and create my own strain

  5. It starts with great genetics. 🔥 Then feeding,💦🌲 PH, and controlled environment.Perfect timing to harvest,✂️🍃 and a good cure.💪 Everything is needed for a potent smoke 💨 and High 😎👋

  6. The dogon tribe believes that cannabis comes from the Sirius star system. Canna meaning dog and bis or bi meaning (2) giving canna- bis (two dog) it's name. The Dogon call it the 2 dog plant.

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