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  1. I am 76 years old and have been smoking weed for almost 60 years. Of the HUNDREDS of people I KNOW who smoke weed, I have never met such a person. It sems to me that she is psychotic and is using marijuana to literally, get away with murder

  2. Synthetic is the destruction food and weed wise. Organic is the only solution return to organic matter return to naturally. Everything that ☠️ becomes a mineral element.

  3. Don't blame weed on YOUR PSYCHOSIS. It is your fault alone. You have psychosis. Being drunk is no excuse for YOUR PSYCHOSIS as well. Police tend to forever LIE about recreational cannabis, as do some doctors and some politicians. Weed makes sex AWESOME… YOU NEED TO TRY THIS. Then your mind would be changed permanently.

  4. I would just like to point out that stabbing someone that many times is fucking insane! It is a huge amount of physical work and you would have to be very determined and contain a kind of rage that is out of this world. That is definitely not from weed lol.

  5. Just because you Google stories on a particular subject to use as content DOES NOT MEAN YOU CAN CALL YOUR CHANNEL "The cannabis experts" you 🌰s
    I'll be telling YouTube "Do not recommend this channel" 🚩

  6. Unlike pills, alcohol, fentanyl, cocaine, and every other drug marijuana doesn't cause people to walk up and stab someone else. Unless it's laced with something that'll cause anger it's a complete lie on the situation. As someone who's seen issues caused by drugs personally marijuana was the only one that relaxed someone from issues that could cause someone to want to commit homicide and/or suicide personally and others. Pot psychosis is complete bullshit.

  7. the verdict absolving the girl of any responsibility and blaming cannabis itself is a legal stunt meant motivate more voices against cannabis, reigniting irrational fears born from the lies told by ainslinger. the far right doesn't want females to be responsible for their own bodies or their behavior.

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