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  1. Ive been treating my baby girl for 4 years plus now for her arthritis in her hips the results have been absolutely miraculous.. when we first started taking her to the vet tgey just wanted to give her pain killers aka opiates more accurately heroin pills.. the first time we gave her RSO (rick Simpson oil) was at night before bed .. the next day she was up rippin and running playing .. nothing short of amazing.. before the rso she could bearly stand or squat to use the bathroom.. it was so heartbreaking for me to see her like that .. its been 4 years now and shes happy and healthy .. its a dam shame that its still schedule 1 despite its medical use throughout all of recorded human history.. god bless you for not being one of the lab coat drug dealers and speaking the truth .. i fuckin love you man

  2. Thank you so much Dr Jones🐶 Could you please make a video for what to do if your dog has been given a higher dose, than needed, of CBD oil, whole plant extract, CBG or gummies? One of my Aussies has seizures. Recently I switched from CBD to the full spectrum full plant extract. Sadly, he began having seizures again. So during a seizure I gave him CBG oil. He was finally able to sleep and has been napping all day, without getting up. He hasn't wanted out, not drinking or eating. He responds when I talk with him.

  3. It would great if you would use the word Cannabis,. Strictly, and NEVER use the term Marijuana. The term Marijuana is and was meant to be a derogatory term when Cannabis propaganda was prevalent to create a fear campaign against the plant.

    Cannabis is the PROPER term and helps to take away some of the fear factor from the health benefits of this God Given plant.

  4. thank you so much from Mexico for your work and effort to comunicate this very important information… there is so many evidence that cannabis can help a lot in human and animal health… and the medical community is talking to little of this..
    thank uuu

  5. I have a 8 year old Saint Bernard… he has cancer of the spleen…. I will try whatever it takes to save him if he can have a quality of life …. should it be cbd or thc oil extract? Thanks any information you can give me will be appreciated….

  6. I’ve been recently told by a vet my dog has cancer so I got a hold of some rso oil to hopefully make her start eating and drinking as she lost her appetite and at first she seemed to perk up but I’m now 4 days in and she has vomited all over the living room (not a problem it all clean up she’s poorly after all) I now wondering if I should stop giving her the rso I got the rso to help her not make things potentially worse,this is the worst thing I’ve ever gone through!!! Flipping horrible don’t know what else I should do??

  7. Hi Dr. My dog ​​had a severe encephalitis and he took advantage at the last minute of the truth I wanted and thought to add cbd as a supplement to the treatment the neurologist brought him and she vehemently denied. I wonder why a lot of vets oppose the use of CBD ???

  8. My sweet cat Ruby just recently had tumor removed I thought she was doing good, I received a call about the tumor biopsy and is malignant memory carcinoma aggressive cancer. Shes 9lbs. Was listening to your video and comments of others about their pet situations. Where or how do I order that oil you mentioned what would you recommend for my cat? Please help…I appreciate your advice recommendation. Thank you in advance.

  9. Dear Dr. Jones.
    I'm Biggy from Thailand.I'm writing to enquire about Cannabis oil.
    I have seen that your video on YouTube about using cannabis oil for treatment cancer or tumors in dog.Firstly, my dog is Siberian husky.He is 7 years oil.At the moment he has a got Tumor in his heart and a doctor in Bangkok said that probably he might get a cancer as well.So i would like to ask you that marijuana oil can treat anti cancer and kill cells in Tumors real?
    Because in Thailand the doctor never use it for treatment pets cause of illegal.Could you recommend that information Cannabis oil for helping my dog please.
    Thank you for your patience and cooperation.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  10. This is helpful. I've been thinking about incorporating a topical application of THC oil over my dog's mast cell tumor. I'm a hemp farmer in state where recreational marijuana is also legal. I recently adopted a 6 year old 90 lb yellow lab with a walnut size mast cell tumor on his right flank. I started him on a homemade grain free dog food and daily nutraceutical therapy.
    – 40 mg CBD daily from full spectrum cbd hemp infused in mct oil.
    – 4 grams of organic 50:1 turkey tail mushroom extract containing >30% beta glucans,
    – 1 grams cordyceps,
    – 2 oz of reishi mushroom and ginger decoction.

  11. Cannabis is the healing of the nations , a God given plant THC full extract cannabis oil (FECO)/"Rick Simpson oil ". THC kills cancer …yes the other cannabinoids such as CBD do help (it's called entourage effect) but THC is the one doing the cancer killing and healing . Peace.

  12. Gov need to stop stole money from us and they need to cut off from insurance company and hospitals….they just want people and pets use MOST EXPENSIVE treatment instead of EFFECTIVE treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. There was a journal article from 2008 about a dog study where 4mg/kg was used to treat a variety of dog cancers with about 80% cure rate.
    I tried to find it again but Google decided I'm not allowed to read it anymore, thanks NSA.

  14. My cat has been diagnosed with cancer, they found it in her blood tests. They don't know for sure what kind of caner it is but they suspect lymphoma as she is 16 and the lymph nodes in her abdomen were inflamed. Sadly I live in Scotland, UK and cannabis is illegal. CBD oil isn't though. I have ordered 1000mg CBD oil which contains 0.2% THC, which is legal in trace amounts. Casper my cat is tiny. She weighs 2.5 kg. Which is around 5lbs approx. Should I be giving her just one drop twice a day? Any help would be appreciated. I have her on steroids just now.

  15. I need the Apothecary 4:1 Blackberry flavor tincture 300mg CBD,:75mg THC shown in the video. my dogs has been diagnosed with cancer. I looked it up online at mmjdirect.ca but they dont ship outside of Canada. So, anyone can tell me how i can get this product? please? im in new york. thanks

  16. my dog has been diagnosed with a mast cell tumor on her side. Not sure how long she has had this, but she seems fine, still playing, barking, gets excited, is eating and drinking fine. Will this medical marijuana help her? thank you

  17. Have you any cure stories regarding cannabis treatment for dogs with osteosacoma? I've been able to slightly extend her health with phoenix tears and CBD from hemp, but, the tumor is growing and she cannot really walk on the front left leg with the tumor. Thank you.

  18. I had an extremely long typed out question comment about somthing i believe people are being misslead about (not from this video, but others) and as I was posting it my YouTube completely shut down and restarted itself!

  19. hey Doc vet suspects my cat has a cancer in his mouth , I bought a cbd oil with 9.5 CBD and 0.5 THC , but I read all over the net that we need ratio 1 to 1 to be strong enough to combat cancer , is it true , thanks .

  20. My non cancerous dog swiped my Osteosarcoma dog's thc/cbd dose….he puked and went to sleep. OsteoSarcoma Super Girl is totally comfortable with much higher dosing….especially since ADDING THC—something I thought counter-intuitive….(edit: she had way too much thc.)

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