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  1. 1000mg isnt crazy. 50mg is average for a lot of people. Im confused…. is the "weed" space this popular? I would be able to consume 25x what you take and be fine…… this gets a LOT of likes for how average it is no offense or anything in just kinda trying to understand…..

  2. Our Canadian dispo edibles are maxed out at 10mg so I never buy them, but I think I will now.

    Also bro sorry about our border and immigration deporting you. A lot of us in Canada already think they’re the biggest dopes right now so real sorry you had to deal with that

  3. Those medical oils are no joke. At least here in the us i remember eating a 10 milligram gummy thinking I wouldn’t feel much and then boom 20 minutes into grocery shopping I can’t feel my body.

  4. I hate dosage inflation with edibles. you get 20 dealers saying their rainbow Rice Krispie treat has 1000 mg of thc, and cuhs handle it like nothing, then you get a dispensary edible with 50 mg and they roll on the floor drooling.

  5. I remember last time I took a .6 dab of thc oil I bought before I had to move and fly to New York and so I used that for some relaxation and it was a batch testing at something like 97% and high in terps and got me way to damn high my legs were like jelly but I managed to stay standing but it was a hard 1 1/2 hours but once it settled in it was great lol

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