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  1. I can almost guarantee that by the time these kids turn 16, they'll have quit boxing in disgust and will resent their father forever whom, by that point, will probably have been exposed for abusing them their entire lives.

  2. Interesting effects of parenting on young children.
    Just like the on about the boy who was also a drag contestant, starting around age 5.
    Both , imo, are examples of parents, rationalizing and justifying indulging in their child's life.
    Both cases are also similar to risks in more socially nomarlized activities and sports.

  3. So wait, they left "Safe" San Diego to move to a dangerous, crime ridden city to raise their boys? Who does that? Why is his 10 year old wearing gold chains and bracelets? Model patents. 🙄

    I cant even finish watching this. Textbook child abuse. Who in their right mind believes its a good idea for your prepubescent boys to get repeatedly punched in the head? They already sound punch-drunk to me. Sad… 🙁

  4. My parents got me skateboarding around 6 years old. Now age 33, I can say I probably would have had less injuries doing what these kids are doing. 30 different bone breaks and 4 concussions all from rolling around on a chunk of wood. Wouldn't change it for the world!

  5. Everyone says they look so unhappy when these kids are getting taught allot of discipline there being taught to be healthy to be able to defend themselves have something to be proud off ect these kids spend less time on their phones and watching tv than most kids, these kids will be more successful and happier than most

  6. Maybe the father should be doing that and letting his kids have a childhood instead of waking up at 5 am to run on a treadmill. And it’s just as bad the wife supports this! Wait until they get concussions or seriously injured. Wait until they start using their fists at school. I actually feel this could be a form of child abuse!

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