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  1. They are monopolizing the cannabis industry just like my conspiracy truther mind told me years ago….. regulate All noids, only have 'govt Approved' operations that no knows anyone that personally knows the inside workings of them…. then who knows WTF mind altering sht they will do to us with it to get back at us bcus they dont Ever let us win….'let us' !

  2. Fuck the entire hemp game. It's bullshit and doesn't work also that shit is entering the bm and fucking up my medicine by my dealer getting that bullshit cheap then selling it as normal weed and now I'm fucking out of weed stuck with dumb hemp bullshit that don't work. Fuck thca and all of it. Get itnoutta here. Fucking stop it

  3. Doesn't surprise me. These morons clearly don't understand how cannabis works, so they try to outlaw anything they don't understand because they fear their own ignorance without realizing it. Just another day of humans being absolute dipshits, as usual.

  4. All the crappy delta 8 brands are making delta 8 itself look bad because they use dog water oil. Many people cant handle or even get delta 9 stuff this is absolute bs.

  5. i sent congress an email and told them to leave thca legal because its natural and once its burned becomes illegal and local law enforcement needs liquid tests to make sure its legal

  6. Regulation leads to safety.
    I am from Oregon and I do not want it to go back to what it was like before legalization.
    I love readily available and tested flower, which I can smoke or make whatever I want out of it with a good amount of confidence I'm not gonna get poisoned or even die (has happened here) from contaminated/tainted herb.
    CBD (not THC) interacts with a LOT of prescription medications – this is from a study published in 2021.[1] The government knows exactly what's up with cannabinoids since it filed patent US6630507B1.[2]

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  7. No, the synthetic thc does need to be regulated. The solvents used to make the synthetic types are not safe at all. THCa is natural so not, it is not involved. I love my weed too but be honest, that synthetic stuff is no good.

  8. Adderall for my adhd is absolutely horrible for people with Gastroparesis literally i just coughed up blood and somehow a dangerous medication is still ok 😅 just as long as they make tons of money they do not care how many times they screw up the laws its all about money adderall also partially blinded me

  9. How many people are dying from myocarditis from delta 8? If lots of young people were having spontaneous heart attacks from D8 the government would consider it safe and leave it alone, they might even mandate it.

  10. Delta 8, thc x, thc o, thc p, all that shit is bunk .. take a gummie one time, cool.. then a second time, shits bunk… I prefer my 9… but i also like 8 ans 10.. leave it all alone

  11. Anyone who devotes their lives to trying to impede access to these medicines is an actual sub-human in my book. They are literally working towards making the world a worse place overall.

  12. Keep in mind, our founders made the country because they came for our arms. We fought them off, had a bunch of drinks, & then wrote on some cannabis that we have the right to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

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