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  1. moving the story times back to an old theme set was the way to go man. got a nostalgic ass feeling smokin a joint watchin the story for the first time, the weed is hittin harder than usual and i feel like i’m sneaking bowls at 2 am watching your videos hiding from my mom 😂 cant wait to meet you one day man been watching for a long ass time

  2. Hey thomas been watching since 2018 when I was in high school now I’m in collage and I still find myself clicking on every story time keep doing what ur doing!

  3. holy shit ive been sitting here all night bored smoking doing nothing when i couldve been watching the new storytime im glad i found this video just now

  4. I’ve been having some morning anxiety and dredd which has been ruining my entire day and I’ve been struggling finding stuff to distract me but your videos are very helpful to help get my mind off of things, I appreciate your videos so much ❤️!

  5. In the back of the book should be a map pin pointing your spots. Although writing a book describing experiences would be like a testimony an less on a story…that would be like writing your life events after your dead…I think there should be books of most famous and influential people such as yourself.
    Great work buddy!

    Stoke for the next episode !!

  6. This guy is a little to animated,to me a little cringe ✌🏽
    Edit: So the reason no one liked you is because they we so mean so you acted like "%$#&".

  7. I’m 22 live the U.K. and get legal prescribed cannabis , do you think if I made a channel & covered the benefits of cannabis and spread awareness around the U.K. off my vids , idk just trying to start a new chapter in my life . What do you think yola

  8. I havent been able to smoke for a few months now n i was already missing it but damn watchin these vids makin me realise how much i miss just bein able to have a bong rip n get ultra comfy lmao

    I got 2 months worth of content to get thru doubt my desire to smoke is gonna get even bigger time to binge it all missed ya content thomas

  9. hi thomas. needed this really bad. been going through it and your videos are a really good distraction from reality for me. been down bad with my mental health and been working an extreme amount and you are one of the very few things that make me excited anymore. thank you

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