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  1. Ive been avoiding the dog park since people started talking about the mystery illness. I really would like to visit the dog park again we like to go once a week when we have to go to the city but its a massive popular dog park. It helps to train around all the dogs to desensitize my 6 month old service dog in training. I really don't want him to get sick though.

  2. My mother-in-law just lost her chihuahua to this two days ago, after the vet said she “wasn’t that bad” when she took her in because she was coughing. The vet said it was the “mystery dog cough” but wasn’t concerned. The poor woman has just been diagnosed with early stage dementia and she called me up, bawling so bad I could barely understand her, “How do I tell if my dog has died?”😭 She was holding her still-warm body in her arms trying to revive her.😩She’s already dealing with the horrible stress of her own diagnosis and now the loss of her dog on top of that. If your dog has symptoms, TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!!!

  3. I haven’t used purina since my lab 28 yrs ago who got seriously sick on puppy chow. I have a dog now that I feed deer stew to. He is 10 and has had ear problems since he was young. About 4 yrs ago is when we started feeding him homemade food with a little bit of kibble. Haven’t had to put drops in his ears since. I’ve even started making my cats a homemade chicken food.

  4. Just caught this today. My senior female Cocker Spaniel started coughing yesterday and it was so nice to find this video. I ordered the Quercetin and hoping this helps! Keeping fingers crossed.

  5. Last time I took my dog to a dog park, the next day he had a respiratory infection for two weeks. He was coughing up junk and wheezing. I knew better than go to a dog park, but we were moving states and I didn't know where to run him in an unfamiliar area.

  6. With hunting dogs we are also looking at mean seeds (foxtails etc) being inhaled through nose into the lungs. Dogs come down with mysterious pneumonia and a cough. And is quite a bit more common than you would think.
    Just another thing to think about.

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