Mystic Labs Delta-8 THC Product Review

Mystic Labs Delta-8 THC Product Review


Be prepared to experience the awe and wonder that comes with the incredible hemp plant, riddled with cannabinoids that seek to wow and astonish users of all levels! With an introduction like that, you’d be crazy to not be a little curious about the product we’ll be reviewing today, as you should! Our product review features the Tasty Mixed Berries Delta-8 THC gummies from Mystic Labs. Delta-8 THC is one of the hottest cannabinoids in the hemp industry due to its ability to deliver a calm yet powerful high for both the mind and body. But just how does this unique cannabinoid differ from the villainized Delta-9 THC cannabinoid, also known as marijuana? Let’s briefly touch on the history of the hemp plant and the difference between these two psycho-active elements, and then we’ll jump right into our product review.

Delta-8 THC: A Very Brief Overview

In order to appreciate the magnitude of a cannabinoid that offers a more controlled high than marijuana, it’s important to understand where it comes from. Delta-8 THC, Delta-9 THC, CBD, and many other cannabinoids all come from a mother plant called hemp. Hemp has been used for centuries for its strong fibers that create sturdy ropes, clothing, bags, and much more. Later on in history, doctors began to suggest that their patients smoke the plant to relieve a variety of ailments revolving around pain. The powerful high helped reduce the pain while allowing users to relax and enjoy themselves. This same principle is the basis for medicinal marijuana, especially with users who experience chronic pain but are unwilling to resort to addictive painkillers. Many states throughout the country have even gone as far to legalize both the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana. However, some users have been scarred by improper use of weed and yearn for a less intense high that won’t leave them anxiety-riddled and foggy. That’s where Delta-8 THC comes in! This incredible cannabinoid is commonly called the “lite” version of weed, as it still delivers a powerful mind and body high while allowing the user to remain clear-headed and in control. If you’d like to learn more about Delta-8 THC, be sure to check out some of our more in-depth articles such as How Does Delta-8 THC Affect the ECS, What Using Delta-8 THC Feels Like The First Time, Guide to Delta-8 THC Products on the Market, and A Simple Guide To How Is Delta-8 THC Made.

What to Expect on Your Delta-8 THC High

Now that you understand what Delta-8 THC is, it’s time to get to the good part: the high! But before we dive headfirst into the product review, let’s take a moment to discuss some cautions with this cannabinoid. Your high depends on several factors: previous exposure to THC, height, weight, gender, age, metabolism, and so forth. These factors can help you properly dose your Delta-8 THC products. Most manufacturers will offer a recommended dosage to start, such as a half or whole gummy, one or two hits from a cartridge or disposable, and so on. It’s up to you to accurately gauge how much your body can comfortably handle. With this in mind, it’s important to start small. Go with the recommended dosage to see how your body reacts to it, knowing that you can always increase your dosage later.

Another factor to keep in mind is the reaction time. The reaction time varies wildly with products, making it difficult to gauge when the Delta-8 THC kicks in. Gummies usually range anywhere from 30-90 minutes to kick in, but some brands can take even longer than that (our review on 3Chi and Urb Vegan Gummies took nearly 3 hours to fully kick in). Capsules and tinctures usually take around 45-90 minutes, and are great if you want a quick and flavorless product. Cartridges, disposables, and pre-rolls (flower) are considered advanced user items, meaning you have to have some knowledge of smoking/vaping and will most likely need external hardware to operate. However, these particular types of Delta-8 THC products have a reaction time of about 5 minutes and are available in a variety of flavors, making them very popular amongst weed smokers and vapers alike. Regardless of which product you choose, it’s extremely important to avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence of a Delta-8 THC high. Many of our readers prefer to enjoy Delta-8 THC in the evening not only as a way to unwind and relax, but to help with appetite stimulation, sexual arousal, sleep assistance, and many other reasons.

Lastly, Delta-8 THC has some side effects you should be aware of while on a Delta-8 THC high. Cottonmouth, drowsiness, heightened arousal, and stimulated appetite (the munchies!) are all very common side effects and are varied depending on the brand. If you take too much Delta-8 THC, you may experience extreme drowsiness and unpleasant paranoia, which is why we stress the importance of starting off slowly with doses. If you are worried about Delta-8 THC interfering with any medication or health issues, be sure to contact your primary care physician before taking any Delta-8 THC product. All Delta-8 THC products have a maximum of 0.3% THC, making them legal for sale under the 2018 Farm Bill in hemp-legal states. That wraps up our overview of what Delta-8 THC is and what to expect on a Delta-8 THC high. Lets dive right into the Mystic Labs Tasty Mixed Berries gummies review!

The Mystic Labs Brand

Mystic Labs has a very fun and playful vibe that translates effortlessly in both their product packaging and their website. The company chose royal purple as their theme color, adding a sense of vibrancy and royalty throughout the site. Mystic Labs has a very unique approach in their product offerings that I have never seen before. Instead of simply offering either Delta-8 THC products or incorporating different cannabinoid-infused products in their catalog, Mystic Labs offers something called Trifecta Products, a combination of CBD, Delta-8 THC, and Kratom in a single product. While I’ve often seen advertisements for Kratom in brick-and-mortar CBD shops, this was the first I’d seen of it on a Delta-8 THC themed website. Not only does Mystic Lab offer detailed explanations on what these products are and what they do, but they offer a wealth of information on a variety of other topics that are helpful for new and experienced users alike: legality of Delta-8 THC, suggested dosages, etc.

Mystic Labs offers a 10% discount for those who sign up for their email newsletter and free shipping options for orders that reach a specific threshold amount, both located directly on the site’s homepage. A bright purple and green pop-up window also appears when you click on a product to view, offering the same 10% discount as on the homepage. In addition to the Trifecta Products mentioned earlier, Mystic Labs also offers Delta-8 THC oils, vape juice, and gummies. The gummies are available in ten different attractive flavors and three quantity options. Both flavor and quantity options are available in two strengths: the normal 25mg per gummy or a High Potency option of 50mg per gummy. Today we’ll be reviewing the Tasty Mixed Berry 12-count 300mg option (recently renamed to Mixed Berry Magic) which goes for a low-priced $19.99.

Mystic Labs also has a compare feature for all the products on their website, a useful feature for those shopping on a budget. There is also an option for users to post reviews of products directly on the product landing pages. A FAQ section and Blog section were located at the top of the page for users to educate themselves on common questions, as well as a wholesale option for Delta-8 THC shop owners. The entire site was professionally designed and easy to navigate, and honed in on the sense of “magic” that is associated with a Delta-8 THC high. Speaking of a Delta-8 THC high, it’s time to check out the Mystic Labs gummies and the “magical” high they bring. Let’s begin!

Delta-8 THC Tasty Mixed Berry Gummies Product Review

Here at CBD Origin, we review A LOT of Delta-8 THC gummies. The soft and chewy texture combined with a sweet flavor makes it one of the most popular forms of consumption. I personally have a raging sweet tooth, so Delta-8 THC gummies are always my go-to form of enjoying this particular cannabinoid. The gummies come in a resealable pouch that contains 12 gummies of 25mg per gummy. I tore open the pack and held it to my nose. I know the pack said “mixed berry” but I smelled more of a grape scent. I fished out one of the purple square-shaped gummies and noted that it was wonderfully soft and spongy. The gummy was coated in sugar crystals to further enhance the sweet flavor and I eagerly popped the gummy into my mouth. Immediately I tasted a very strong artificial fruit flavor and an overwhelming flavor of bitterness from the hemp. The soft and chewy gummy dissolved quickly into a nicy liquid goo in my mouth that had a slightly crunchy consistency (no doubt from the sugar crystal coating). Again, although the flavor was named “mixed fruit,” I kept thinking it was a grape flavor even after swallowing. There was a slimy sensation left on my teeth and tongue, and my mouth felt a bit warm. The strong and bitter flavor of the hemp prompted me to rinse my mouth out with water, which also helped remove some of the gummy particles that had gotten stuck in my back teeth.


I felt the gummies begin to take effect about an hour after consumption. I felt as if a light weight had settled onto my arms and eyelids, and after an hour and a half hours my eyelids felt heavy. These gummies gave me intense cottonmouth, so I do suggest keeping a bottle of water handy. I noted that my speech became slightly slurred and I began to feel relaxed and sleepy. The high rose in intensity after two hours, and I felt a warm tingling sensation in my

nose, forearms, hands, chest, lower leg and feet. I suddenly became very hungry (munchies!), and discovered that food and drink tasted exponentially better, especially due to my dry mouth. I felt a surge of creativity and inspiration in my euphoria, along with heightened sensitivity. The best way to describe it was that I felt clear-headed, just slightly fuzzy around the edges. Time seemed to slow down and drowsiness set in. I felt the high peak at 3 hours, and felt floaty, comfortably numb, and very sleepy. I fell asleep very quickly and awoke feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I appreciated that this high had levels to it instead of a sudden onset, something that new users will greatly appreciate. If you can get past the bitter hemp flavor and the artificial fruit taste, this gummy promises to deliver a powerful mind and body high that gradually increases over time.

Lab Testing

The hemp industry is not regulated by the FDA, meaning that anyone can create a cannabinoid-based product and market it as a top-quality and highly potent product. To combat this, cannabinoid companies across the country use independent third-party labs that test and confirm the validity of their products. These tests are both time-consuming and expensive, but crucial to a Delta-8 THC business’s reputation. Many companies, including Mystic Labs, offer these results for free on their websites. Some companies prefer to have the results only available to those who purchase their products, usually via a scannable QR code on the product packaging, but Mystic Labs does both. You can either navigate to the Lab Testing section of the website or scan the QR code on their product that will bring you to the same page. You can click on one of the five tests available, or enter a specific batch number to view the results.

Hemp Information

Mystic Labs provides detailed information about their hemp information and manufacturing standards in their FAQ section. All of Mystic Labs products are crafted in a 10,000 facility located in Tampa, Florida. The hemp is harvested, extracted, and transformed into the “magical” products portrayed on their website. Mystic Labs uses SOPs (standard operating procedures) and CGMPs (current good manufacturing practices) to deliver a high-quality product that is both safe and potent. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, all of their products contain less than 0.3% THC, making them legal for sale in hemp-approved states.

Product Packaging

I noticed that while the product packaging on the company website is slightly different than the one I received, the picture provided of the Tasty Mixed Berries gummies is the same on the Lab Test Results page. I assume the packaging was rebranded to omit the word “tasty” and add the word “magic.” I also noticed that the new packaging has pictures of berries on the front of the packaging, so very slight differences for the same product. I mentioned in the detailed review of the product that the gummies came in a small resealable pouch. The pouch was dark gray with purple accents, and the lettering was in a cream/slightly off-white color. The company logo was proudly displayed, along with the product type (Delta-8 THC gummies), flavor (tasty mixed berries), quantity (12 count) and mg per gummy (25mg) for a total of 300mg per pouch. The back of the pouch listed the supplement information and suggested dosage (1 gummy) along with an ingredient list. There were standard warnings and storage information, as well as the company website and manufacturing information. A large QR code was listed on the lower left-hand corner for quick access to the product’s lab test results. The packaging was enchanting and beautifully designed, leaning towards a more “mystical” approach in lieu of the company name.


I loved the amount of information available on the Mystic Labs website and was impressed by the variety of flavors these gummies come in. I was intrigued by the Trifecta Products and would love to sample these at some point, as it’s something I’ve never seen before in any of my product reviews. I was disappointed by the gummy’s artificial flavor and overwhelmingly bitter hemp taste, but I appreciated the tiered levels of the high as time progressed. If you’re trying Delta-8 THC for the first time, the Mystic Lab Tasty Mixed Berry gummies will be a great way to introduce your body to the effects of a Delta-8 THC high.

Have you tried any other products from the Mystic Labs lineup? What are some of your favorite products and preferred methods of enjoying Delta-8 THC? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below! It’s always exciting to hear how Delta-8 THC has helped others in their quest for the ultimate relaxation and euphoria while still maintaining control and clear-headedness. In our next review, we’ll be switching gears slightly in our products by checking out a disposable vape called Mango Kush Disposable Vape from Binoid. If you’re impatient to start your Delta-8 THC and have experience with either smoking or vaping, you’re not going to want to miss this review! Check back with us soon for this and other exciting Delta-8 THC product reviews. We hope to see you there!


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