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  1. It wasn't just that one…I recently reached out to Purina because my dog was showing the exact same signs. Not just that he had an aversion to his food but not any other food. The bag that I had was Purina Beef food. I immediately threw it away. Gave my large dog 1 capsule of organic activated charcoal for each day (2 days max) and gave him chicken and rice for 2 days. Then slowly introduced the new bag of Purina Chicken Adult Dog Chow.

  2. People don't read the Voluntary Recalls ..I guess they cant see it's just 1 type ..a Prescription Diet not a Store Bought Purina. Read the articles. Just don't lump all food as this ONE FOOD TYPE.

  3. My dogs were sick for two months. We thought we had it resolved when all four were sick with same symptoms. They all had explosive diarrhea among other bodily functions. It was the dog food, Purina. I’m now feeding them Natural Farms. The change has been nothing but positive for our family. We are wanting to do better quality feed wouldn’t mind too much to even cook and prepare. Right now costs are high enough. Plus try to get one kid into college while another has sports costs costing more than our what I am willing to share. Anyway the point is had my dogs not suffered with mirrored symptoms I can’t say whether or not they would be here at this moment all curled around me touching me in one way or another This happened just recently this year (2023) I am still trying to make positive and more natural approaches not only for them, but also the rest of the family.

  4. My puppy was just prescribed Purina Pro Plan EN. She has not started it yet.
    Do you know of a high fiber diet that is safe for her to try? She is almost 6 months.

  5. I wish everyone would stop feeding commercial so-called food. It is so easy to make your own wholesome healthy foods, and guess what you don't have to be concern with RECALLS, killing your Beloved animals. OMG, that should be enough enough enough reason to stop feeding commercial garbage so called food. Dr Becker, Dr Judy Morgan and of course Dr Jones have most excellent DIY making wholesome homemade food, yes food, real food, and in most cases cheaper then commercial garbage and it is easy to make their food.

  6. Sort your SH*T out Purina. Your love of money should not exceed the well-being of any animal. If these recalls continue, I will not buy another Purina product ever again, nor will I ever promote it to another. Attention to detail please.

  7. I never trusted purina. As a kid . I heard they shut competition down. Thug like. Or mabey it was heartz. Probably both. ? As a kid it was confirmed as I seen all heartz flea collars n pet products. Nobody else’s at the tim. 1970zz😮

  8. I TOTALLY agree with you after being subjected to high pressure sales tactics and major shaming by more than one vet until I caved and put my dog on one of those trash/scam diets for months! She did not get better, she got WORSE! She was urinating ten times more than usual and thirsty as hell, but each vet I consulted said it was completely normal and that I had to continue for her sake. Thankfully, I only had her on that BS food for a little less than 4 months before I lost all faith and trust in these vets and put that “prescription” food where it belongs. – in the GARBAGE! Not only is it filled with tons of questionable ingredients, but it is also made in China, which has a very long history of making products that are contaminated and loaded with chemicals and heavy metals.

    Thank you so much, Dr. Jones, for speaking the truth about the shady pet industry! This information should be available to everyone.

  9. My dog has been on Purina Chow. He was drinking and urinating too much. Took him in for blood work as I thought it was diabetes. It wasn't. Since then, changed food companies and problem resolved.

  10. Omgg pls do cat food too ): I usually feed raw but she kept getting diarrhea from the store ground turkey after 3 years eating it so I just switched to blue Buffalo for now until I figure it out & I don’t trust it

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