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  1. Make audio in your favorite voice like a snoop dogg voice over and so fourth they will want a arm and a leg to use there real audio so just fake it to make it use AI generated voice over prompts NDK u downloads to add on.

  2. I just harvested a bunch of mint… instead of spending hundreds on distilling equipment and countless hours to get the essential oils. I'm thinking of buying one of your units.
    REQUEST: smash a bundle of mint leaves?

  3. It needs more space between the plates and the back of the machine. I like to leave extra parchment behind the plates as a spot to gather rosin. But then again my goal is to upgrade from mini to xp.. il never be in the market for this device so maybe I'm wrong?

  4. i think you need to make a nuggsmasher thats lighter in waight if you want eny EU orders cause it's way to heavy and if you dont have free shiping its just gona cost us the same price as the nuggsmasher

  5. I already have the IQ and can with my hand on my heart say – it's the single best investment I've made, with the best company service I've dealt with – it wasn't an easy order due to logistics – but they made it easy and helped handle every step along the way – amazing machine that truly exceeds my expectations…. especially when it updates and boom new features!!
    Amazing work Team NS – pushing new boundaries as always for all of us to benefit from.
    Can't wait to see this in action, and then get one to sit next to my current IQ as the ultimate Extractors Dream Team! 💯💥

  6. Yall should make a small chap press that has a psi gage. There is a serious lack of small machines with a psi gage. Would be easy to do since psi gages are very cheap and can be added to bottle jacks affordably. Like a nug smashers portable with a psi gage would be cool.

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