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  1. Ngl drew u need to start changing up ur caps I think it’s been couple years I had same cap on 😂 you should try get caps from different brands for different occasions kinda thing if u get me but big respect g

  2. I have a challenge for you it’s not because I’m against weed but I was wondering if you could go 3 days without smoking bud challenge it would be a big hit I promise

  3. Just got back from Amsterdam today , done a Tuesday to Friday , worst weed was greenhouse namaste , their SLH was nice but the peanut butter was full of seeds 😂

    Best shop weed wise was barneys
    Good vibe and the sherbalato zkittlez was 9/10 , flavour was there and stoned af 😊

  4. There was a place called The Baloo cafe or Cafe Baloo and they had this thing called a Marlboro. It was 5 different types of weed &5 of hash and i think it had tobacco in it. But that was almost 30 yrs ago

  5. Shit, looks like a fucking rip-off! Amsterdam is a fucking rip-off. I love going to Amsterdam but there’s no point in trying out these weeds they’re not worth the fucking money. Just go to bluebird and get some reasonably priced weed.

  6. There is a coffee shop out there, it's name was strange. I can't really remember as it was a long time ago but maybe 'coffee shop 1Hulp' it was a quiet but amazing shop by central. If you find it, your in for a treat bro

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