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  1. "And Terpenes are only a minor part of the aroma, I want to point out.."(Interesting info coming..?! Cool!), then an edit, I believe (?), to the end of the interview..?! Really great interview Kyle! I was just surprised by the quick ending
    Maybe not though. It could be the Goldfish flower I smoked. A Black Tuna cross(Lambsbread x Heronuana) x Reefermans 100% Indica Kodiak Gold.
    Looks just like the bag seed from Jamaican brick weed we'd attempt to grow in the mid to late 80's, in Central New York. Only difference is this plants's very short. Apparently from all the Indica genetics..?! Looks say Jamaican, all day. Some of the most narrow leaves I've ever seen. Incredibly good, strong, smoke, that few would want, if looking at it first, lol. Still creepin up on me!👍💯✌️

  2. Hopefully you'll have a reason to come visit us in Germany soon, now that Prohibition here has finally come to an end! Can't think of a better way to celebrate than smoking some legal sun-grown bud and watching Kyle and Swami Chaitanya!

  3. Gentleman loving your work. I would like to send you seeds of what i think was simply a well intentioned positive error. Had some seeds described as "Wild Thai". Kept a male and lightly pollenated 6 or 7 feminized favorite, SoCal Mstr Kush, Sour Diesel etc. a standout was a Tangerine Dream x'd with Poppy Wild Thai. After a couple of subsequent grows something developed. All the seeds were fem until the last 3 weeks when they went hermie, pollenated themselves but never a visible male. Other plants in the room never developed seeds. I'm just a old home grower but this year going to see if they act the same outdoors.
    Not sure how to get them to you but would really like your take on the whole thing. Incidentally this happened @ 42 lat./ upstate NY so a legal personal event. Currently in El Salvador for affordable safe medical and dental work and pretty sure i'd get my ass kicked here until President Bukele decides how it might enrich the people's lives vs illicit trade by people that are just not nice. Peace

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