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  1. My mom always fed me nopales on a regular basis, and I never really thought much of it. Now, I am on my I own wishing someone could prepare me some nopales con huevos in the morning.

  2. We have this species of cacti fiscus indicus on the mediterranean coast of Turkey. I’m definitely going to try some. Let’s see if it tastes as good as its fruit. And the conversation on the video is a great Spanish practice. Reasons pile up to love Mexico even more. 🎈

  3. I purchased 2 pads, planted and them in sand , 2 gallon pot, kept about1-2 inches of water in a pan the pot were in, 1 month later they were well rooted, I eat myself to the max, give lots away, still in the dormant time I take a machete and cut it way back, every year, and it just grows and grows, nice flowers, fruit makes great juice, it is a amazing decoration, edible heathy and real tasty. Just blessed to have them grow so easily here in Arizona.
    As a 12 year old my Dad and Brother traveled Mexico, on evening somewhere around Oaxaca we pulled our Datsun PU into the desert, Dad went out with his pocket knife, came back with some cactus pads, cleaned them up, spines, etc., we watched, he took a bite of bread, cactus, we watched his reaction first before it was our turn, nothing great nothing negative, just the look on his face, he was trying to figure it out, taste, good, bad, so so, then all we saw was him spitting it out, washing his mouth out, now the rest of the story, for several hrs we were pulling prickles out with a tweezer, it was something else, He got something besides a Nopal variety, the next morning we investigated, whatever it was the interior of the pad was loaded with prickles, it was like a sandwich spread of tiny tiny prickle, never will forget that nite, Dad was up all nite, for several days, he'd have us dig another one out. Was funny, but not for him.
    The reason I saw funny, my Bro and I had a vacation in hell, as we had a jerk Dad, so we chuckled, payback dude, seriously this is a true to life story. I think of it often when I see my 2 cactus plants, have a tasty thornless treat, and a payback chuckle.

  4. I have total respect for the nopal farmers: their hard work, their love of the land, and their dedication to using natural methods instead of pesticides and chemicals! May they be successful, healthy, and happy! Thank you for sharing video of these wonderful people.

  5. Nopales are life.
    I always make sure I have a bag of the pre-made stuff in the fridge, for the days I just don't feel like eating meat/the craving for something light but flavorful.

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