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  1. Billions of new jobs and less people in prison for non violent offenses.

    Also more profit for the billion dollar company's that are keeping cannabis illegal, if only they would bother to convert some of their facilitates to cannabis/hemp production and processing as well as keeping the profits from the products they already make.

  2. @masterofcivilization it would totally be harder to get if you are in high school because it would be regulated like beer or alcohol, meaning there would most likely be an age that you could buy it at. With that being said if its legal then government dispensaries would be selling it. Also look at the cost of any form of herb or grain, most things like oats, barley things like that sell for 200$ a pound not ounce. To say that it would be harder to get when its legal is nonsense.

  3. @Restokilerah learning how to disagree without being disagreeable is a debate tool that we of the marijuana legalization movement need to adhere to wholeheartedly. We must remember that this movement is about dispelling the lies and bringing people the truth. Insulting people will never persuade them to HEAR your argument. Injecting an insult into an otherwise logical debate is like spitting in the face of someone who u want to respect your ideas and opinions and who u want joining the movement

  4. United States Patent 6,630,507 The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC)
    the truth to all who deny marijuana this is the patent for Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants

  5. @virtual62, There has never been a DIRECT(O.D.) link of smoking Marijuana and death. The only links of death and marijuana is driving and work place accidents. An incredible In Britain claims:

    "Official government statistics listed five deaths from cannabis in the period 1993-1995 but on closer examination these proved to have been deaths due to inhalation of vomit that could not be directly attributed to cannabis (House of Lords Report, 1998)"

    No, you sir, you fail.

  6. @josepharte, I think i see where you are coming from (Harm Prevention maybe?). But people who enjoy smoking Tobacco or Marijuana will continue to do so whether its legal or not. So why not let people do as they please when it comes to smoking?

  7. well……no one has ever died from smoking weed, but they die from related illnesses. its like cigarettes you cant die from smoking them, but you die because you develop lung cancer.
    if cigarettes are legal then i cant see why weed wouldn't be considered.

  8. @Restokilerah actually pot has never been linked to any illness, or know to case any smoke related deaths (from pot, yes some people smoke both pot and cigs and have contracted a smoke related illness, but never from pot alone) most of the horrible illness caused by cigs is from the chemicals used to engineer the tobacco and make it grow faster and larger. which is why im not for the legalization of pot, just decriminalization, i dont want to see it fall into the hands of big tobacco

  9. @virtual62 That could be true I really don't know about any real testing the world is full of lies but I'm still pretty strong about inhaling the smoke of a joint would be inhaling burnt paper which can't be healthy in anyway, but a bowl and bong might be pure for all i know.

  10. @Aleko99 Your the one thats making no sense and just calling me names because your the dumbass who probably is brain dead from smoking pot. Think about it get rid of all the weed in California and start growing oranges or replace them with grape fields then theres more food on the earth is healthy instead of a drug that is used improperly by most of the users anyway dude go get a job you fucking worth stoner.

  11. @Kawasakikfx33
    It's obvious that you're either a troll or just an uneducated adolescent. Whatever the case, do you honestly believe that once you run out of arguments you can appear informed by asserting outdated generalizations? I'm not even going to bother to respond to what you just said – stop wasting my time when you can't even do the research for yourself. Seriously, it's just one Google search away. Ironically, "worthless" and "lazy" seem to perfectly describe your intellectual integrity

  12. @Aleko99 yay more money who cares why don't they throw away every marijuana plant they have and start growing something that people can eat so the price of food goes down and we can feed more people in the world instead of be worthless and lazy and get high.

  13. @Kawasakikfx33

    Alcohol and cigarettes kill thousands every year but cannabis has never killed a single person. If you can't recognize the explicitly substantial amount of differences there are plenty of resources online to educate you on the issue.
    Lastly, you're also incorrect about legalization not helping the economy. Legalization is on the ballot in California for this very reason; they will profit approximately $105 million in taxes per year.

  14. @Kawasakikfx33
    You're right about the fact that your friends have a problem if it affects their motivation, but the choices of a few adolescents should not affect the choices of responsible adults. Also, I don't see what you mean by stating that "marijuana is the same as alcohol and cigarettes." They are so completely different in every way. Cannabis is an herb; a medicine and alcohol is a poison. They're not even in the same category of drugs.

  15. @Kawasakikfx33 "Lethal" is synonymous to deadly, so you are completely incorrect by stating that cannabis is lethal. Also, you can't blame a substance as mild as cannabis for your friends' lack of will power and ambition. "Dumb teenagers" are not the majority of cannabis users. Doctors, lawyers, politicians, and professionals in all areas of our society are regular users of cannabis.

  16. @Aleko99 I do care about the youth. I'm just trying to say to all these morons that claim its so non lethal that it could be lethal. One of my friends started smoking weed this summer and now everyday he goes home smokes some weed and thats all he does its all he talks about. My second friend which has been smoking weed since eighth grade tries to quit all the time and guess what she tells me she can't quit because it just feels to good. What im trying to say is marijuana is the same as alcohol

  17. @Kawasakikfx33
    And it's not only that kids can buy cannabis at virtually any second; with zero regulation, the temptation and ease to start dealing cannabis puts kids at a higher risk to ruining their lives from an unbalanced criminal justice system. If you truley cared about the youth, you would not deceive yourself for an attempt to create anti-cannabis argument.

  18. @Kawasakikfx33
    "It would be easier for kids to get, all they have to do is go get a friend that graduated already andÔĽŅ say hey buy me that."

    You must be really disconnected from the youth culture. Do you not understand how much harder it is for a minor to get alcohol than cannabis? If a kid has to ask an older friend to buy him cannabis, then that's a significant buffer that isn't here right now. That's actually a step in the direction if making it HARDER for kids to get cannabis.

  19. its been illegal cuz of greed and money for logging an paper companies. but idk y it still is cuz itll fuckin help all of americas economy. plus a load of other shit. lol i forget how much it is but isnt it a huge percentage of calis economy

  20. hmm….if only there was some type of product out there that was undiscovered…already had a market, relatively harmless, edible, could be used as medicine, easy to produce, and could consumed in a variety of ways……which would help out the USA sluggish economy….hmmmmmmmm to bad there is nothing out there like that gee

  21. If you don't like taxes or socialism you should be for legalization. Tax dollars fund this useless drug war to include jail costs. Hemp crops can produce thousands of products from paper and cloth to biofuel. It is best barrier cash crop between storm water run off and fresh water sources. Mercury and other heavy metals can be filtered out by using a hemp crop. It takes less farm land out of production reducing gov. mandated non-production easements which are bankrupting small farms.

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