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  1. People who keep saying bone is back don't realize I've been listening to Bone thugs from 1991 to 2022 that's how long they have been here for those that don't know even though faces of death came out in 1993 some of those songs were from 1991

  2. Bone won but could have put they foot on they neck if u let them get 4 min a song like 3 6 did then we can hear that Baby baby baby baby baby that Krayzie ripped at the end of the Everyday Thang .U got to hear the whole BONE song u can't get the jist of a BONE song like these other rap songs like tear the club up that the jist of the song we get it tear the club up all u need is a min, but BONE on the other hand u cut that song off u might miss something

  3. I agree bone won 11-9 without me being bias far as impact of the tracks and how big they was at the time…36 won the 1st half 6-4 cause bone track selection for me but bone came back strong 2nd half 7-3……now me being bias bone 20-0😂😂😂

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