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  1. I smoked at the Rainbow room patio the same booth b real used.out in front. Back In 2012 and the owner came out and was so cool and set up the air comditioner for us and umbrellas. Cool old italian man . I'm nobody so it shows how cool the rainbow room is.

    Edit . I gues the man was Mario !!!

  2. Dr. Greenthumb has grown some of the most epic cannabis I’ve ever had the privilege of buying. He was like: not even chronic. I asked for his autograph like 10 times 😂

  3. B-real been like 20+ listening 🎶 and blessed to have you real here real life.. People would pay back in the day just to hear you speak other words other than your music I mean we'd be waiting for the next cd to come out The nineties…. Now once times have changed here we are Bam No boof Plugged with technology watchin your shows every ..Yall are very interesting 🤔 live the banter and smoke in constantly..From Cali.. Colorado livin now 😎

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