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  1. A few years ago, my daughters indoor outdoor cat went into a neighbors garage and got into rat poison. The man who owned the house and garage saw her and rushed her back over to my daughters house and she had no transportation that night so she called a veterinary hospital and they told her to give the cat a lot of peroxide and to not let the cat have any water for seven days because they said the water would activate the poison and it was bizarre because I could hear that cats stomach gurgling over the phone when we were talking, but that kitty survived and she actually was healthier than she was before so the hydrogen peroxide definitely worked and it saved her life

  2. What I need desperately is a way stop my poor lab from licking and biting his feet due to yeast. Have tried all Dr. Jones remedies and spent over 4 k at the vet in one year. Bless his heart he is still miseeable. Wee not sleeping and in the pore house its not a food allergy and its not seasonal. Itseams to have gotten worse with age. He has been tested for cushings,diabetes and hupothyroid. All negative. I won't be returning to this vet again. Help ❤

  3. I found a fresh mouse body outside my door, but no head. I figured my cat ate it. I got really worried because I knew that my landlady used rat poison and I didn't know if this mouse had eaten any before my cat ate it. I gave my cat the hydrogen peroxide and she threw up the mouse head. It was disgusting but I was relieved it was out of her and she was fine after that.

  4. My dog ate an entire tube of neosporin in the middle of the night. He was a puppy. I called our 24 hr animal hospital which referred me to the 1-800 animal poison hotline . I called and did not get quality advice (like Dr. Jone's) and they charged me $65 bf I could talk to anyone. They told me to just keep an eye on him. I will save my $65 next time.

  5. My dog ate some wormy compost in my backyard, and I had to induce vomiting using peroxide, I also gave him charcoal powder, as I was told this would help absorb any toxins that he didn't vomit out.
    He recovered fully and had some bowel movements that looked like Kingsford briketts 😂🤣😂🤣

  6. My daschund miniature Italian Greyhound mix shelter pup is 10 years old and doing great- thanks to you! My daughter’s dog, she’s taken him to the vet a few years ago, but since she’s been teaching overseas, I use your Veterinary Secrets. Of course I’d take Lorenzo in if needed, but hasn’t been necessary. Same for 20 yr old Maine Coon rescue Socrates – was adopted when they said he was 7-9 almost 13 yrs ago. He still jumps up to the tables and window sills and he’s happy and healthy, though sleeps a lot more now. Amira is 13 and adopted as a feral kitten where my daughter volunteered at a cat shelter. All healthy. Long post, but wanted to thank you again for your help. I’ve worked for non profits my whole life and now disabled so can’t really afford the vets. You are a treasure! ❤️😊❤️

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