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  1. Get your cat fixed they have cheaper even free service for that I live in New York I got my cat fixed for 30.00 call 211 all you need to do verification of income and if you don’t mamamory cancer. Petco pet smart have cheap service to do that. Andrew jones is an online veterinary. Everyone in United States get your cat fixed at 5 months.

  2. Hi my dog #browniedog survived 6 different sudden serious illnesses since 2020 all different but kinda happened suddenly. Now he has one vertebrae that is disintegrating. He can't take steroids cause they diagnosed him with OBD and treated him with Budesonide. I just sent cells for biopsy but how do I get his vertebrae to heal? I

  3. Dr. Can you please make a video on how to ease a cats heat time naturally. My cat is young and cries during her two week stint, I know it’s not from pain, just signals to mate. I don’t think I want to fix her because her hormones will get messed up and it’s very expensive over $1,500.00 in New York.

  4. Happy christmas ❤❤to you Tula and Fa.mily Thank you for helping Our Animal loved ones and people have hope to heal there pets .with more Natural less harmful medicine .
    Best wishes love healing to our Animal loved ones and there owners ❤
    Yvonne mulloin Cornwall England

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