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  1. Stay away from all allopathic injections
.use homeopathic nosodes. The adjuvants & toxins in routine va x eens are the main causes of cancers
read the Mark of the Beast by Dr Patricia Jordan who studied this specifically.

  2. Why wasn't the fact that vaccinating them EVERY YEAR causes cancer? I've raised rottweilers for 43 years and don't vaccinate every year. We vax about every 7 years and we don't loose our dogs to cancer. We currently have 8. One is 12, 2 are 10, 9 and the rest are younger. When will Vets tell the truth about vaccines? I know they don't make money when your pet stays healthy but how do they sleep knowing they're causing much loved pets and they're owners so much misery?

  3. In the US it is against the law to advertise an unregulated supplement ect as having any role in curing cancer or any other medical issue. Also, u can prevent cancer by say avoiding forever chemicals, not using so many, or any, pesticides in and around ur pets, not to mention the heavy metals that r often found in thst fish oil u pedaling. 😉

    Also, our supplements in the US… Often have many things in them, sometimes pretty bad stuff to the point that they get recalled, that can cause cancer, that's alos bene studied… I take supplements msyelf though and so do my horses, but non of them make health claims, but in the end… Maybe just give ur pet a good diet…with those things in it. Without giving them pills. đŸ’”

    BTW! is this an ad? R u getting paid for showing these off to everyone? Your only authentic if u disclose that if u r.

  4. I had a Weimaraner that was diagnosed with early stage oral melanoma. My regular vet at the time said he could remove it, that I didn’t need to see a specialist. He made a mess of things. 1st surgery he didn’t remove all of the cancer. 2nd surgery he didn’t remove it all. 3rd surgery he didn’t remove it all, and by this time my dog was suffering from this incompetent butcher, and my patience had been exhausted. My dog was given about 3 months of declining remaining life.

    I contacted a certified canine nutritionist in Canada. Together we worked on getting him on a fresh whole food diet. I researched all of the available nutraceuticals, herbs, and homeopathy that I believed would help his body to heal.
    No more vaccines or manufactured dog food.

    He lived another amazing 3 years. His quality of life was excellent, happy and pain free. His best years.

    I took him to another vet for a well-check examination and routine blood work. I continued to monitor his progress. Always perfect. The vet knew about the cancer, so curiously wanted to take a better look down his throat. He gave him an injection of something, and like a brainwashed fool I watched him do it and didn’t question him. Within one week my dog was dead. He went from being a happy healthy energetic Weim to a dog I didn’t recognize, whose body functions began to shut down. It was like watching dominoes fall.

    It has been 25+ years and I am still livid. Even though I have a good Vet today, my trust will always be on life support. Trust, once broken, isn’t easily regained.

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