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  1. OMG!! how sweet and thoughtful of you to take your time to do this wonderful video. I love cats and I LOVE black cats. Thank you so much for doing this, shelter animals need to have as much exposure as they can get. I love you, your demeanor is so sweet and gentle. Watching your video's brings a sense of calm over me. Thanks again, we need more people like you in the world. <3

  2. Dr. Jones you are a lovely person and I find your videos always so helpful and informative for knowing about common symptoms a person might find with their pet at home. Animal rescue is important to me and i know a good person by how they treat animals.
    This cat here that you show is perfect example of a very adoptable pet and thankfully I have been lucky to find people to adopt kittens I have found about my place. I always thought it would be so difficult but I was able to rehome nine kittens I found from the same mom in two litters this year at my house. All lovely healthy and sociable kittens as the mom trusted me to help her feed and take care of them.
    Thanks again Dr. Jones for your great work and advice. Denise.

  3. Dr Jones, I am so happy to see animals who need to be adopted featured in videos and (in our area) on local news stations. Thank you for taking time to volunteer at the shelter. I am no longer able to, but years ago, I would take my kids to the local shelter for us to help walk the dogs. It was a great experience for all of us

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