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  1. Menthol flavor in Cannabis is actually Camphene.
    Camphene is one of my favorite terps, Moonbow 112 definitely has some. We grow it at my job and it's my favorite one to whiff. Great work, love your guys videos.

  2. Can we talk about MASTER KUSH. I'm talking that cut that smells like cheese, just musk rolling off of it. I remember getting some from Infinite wellness center years ago in Colorado, and it was phenomenal

  3. In particular I'd love to see/hear some more SPECIFICALLY about the pack of Sleeping with the stars I copped at release.

    Or some views of grows/seshes of your favorites out of your lines. Interested in a lot of the previous or older coveted cut hybrids you have?
    (Poison OG, Ghost OG, Dogshit, thin mint, plat , wifi , albert)

  4. what clones do yall typically carry have that have the mouth linger? That's what I'm lookin for. Have already ran through sundae driver, runtz, super boof, lemon cherry gelato, rainbow belts 2.0 so any recommendations other than those

  5. Fletch, do you have the sour dubb cut? If wo jave you made anything with it? Or if not can you recommend anyone that has made anything good with it or s1s? Eonder if csi has it? Anyone know? Ive heard really good things avout it

  6. Yeah bubba and Hindu and master,, have that signature Hashy coffee incense,,with that crazy air smell,,,bubba grows slow as shit,an. Doesn't yeld well ,,hard to get lite to the bottom,when fan leaves are so big and wide,,but love me some pre98

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