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  1. Everyone in the Philippines loves our president and his policy. He’s made life better for us and criminals are scared to do drugs or commit crimes. We can walk the streets peacefully and raise our children with safety. However some advice to you, If you don’t live here and experience our struggles then shut your entitled mouth up.

    Matter of fact come to the islands bring your drugs and out of hospitality we’ll bring your coffin.

  2. I 100% agree. If they legalize it they will make more money like the USA. The goverment can tax it and make money. Also weed is very good medically. Has been proven very effective for many treatments. People who smoke weed are not criminals, weed is good for everybody. It's more fun in the Philippines. Even the catholic church supports weed. It's not a drug, it's grown naturally. God gave us this. Please legalize it. The world is legalizing it.

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