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  1. Yo Yo Yo Love your vids

    I'm headed to Amsterdam for the first time Can't wait to get hold of some Hashish do you have any recommendations on which is best my favourite is Mazar e Sharif. I want the heaviest stone possible I have a plan…. I used to crumble Hash into my Coffee and get nicely stoned then I'd roll up a Doobie of Pure Vietnamese Black Sativa and the mix gets me absolutely toasted you should try it Hash Coffee first Doobie second.


  2. I'd love to see some 8-Ball Kush make a comeback, haven't smoked that strain since I was 16 but I loved everything about it, 100% indica, couch lock effects, nice earthy smell & taste. If you like a really heavy, monged out high, I strongly recommend if you can get one like the original. Me & my cousin got the seeds from Barney's Farm but I think they discontinued it a long time ago😢

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