Police Post Photos of Suspects w/ Lego Heads & New Ghostface Album – The Dr. Greenthumb Show #945

00:00 – Lounge 16:19 – The Dr. Greenthumb Show 1:12:59 – Submissions 1:43:20 – Opening the Doors to the Insane Asylum …

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  1. In high school I remember having a big jug of that popov vodka and a 30 pack of keystone beer and 2 pink lemonade frozen juice can things and we mixed it all together and drank it! Wild night one for the books 1:01:12

  2. There was a pioneer chicken in South Gate as well as a H and Salt on State street in the Luckys shopping center. Circa 80s early 90s
    Another Good show,. And listening at work. 💨💨💨

  3. When I worked at a Wendy’s once upon a time I would say ftw and create my own frosty size and use the large 32oz cup to fill up my daily take home frosty, and proceed to get stoned to to gills then devour said frosty. All flavors, from vanilla, strawberry, to peppermint. I have yet to try the creamsicle. I would have done unspeakable things to that creamsicle frosty. I can practically taste it. 😂

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