Purity & Self-Mutilation: Inside Thailand’s Vegetarian Festival | Rites Of Passage

Each year, thousands descend on Phuket in Thailand to take part in the Vegetarian Festival and witness one of the bloodiest …

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  1. 02:03 The Asian people are well known for their discipline, especially those from the Phuket tribe. When war strikes these people, they drink much Saki around a bonfire, dance, and praise their ancestors, as to whom they will soon be reunited. Screams of Pride, much like a rooting for your Alma Mater's football team, are heard all around the village. " PHUKET, PHUKET, PHUKET!! "… 😮 Maybe they were saying something else.

  2. You see, I'm all for freedom of religion (and freedom from religion too), but if physical violence are involved, I think we need to be concerned too. Especially because it involves children, if a child can't legally get a tattoo and normal piercing (nose, lip, etc) yet, then the child should not be allowed to participate in this ritual. Please, just educate these people to not involve their children in the violent part of the ritual, the adults can do whatever they want, but children? big no.

  3. I'm a true "extreme vegetarian". I'm totally vegan. But I don't stick swords through my body. This is cultural manipulation. A hyperbolic way of attacking plant based diets. Perhaps the vile flesh vendors are behind it, again. 8 billion pseudo-carnivores are devastating every corner of the Earth. Go vegan.

  4. Very similar to Thaipusam for Tamil Hindus, Tamil Hindus/Buddhists were extremely influential in Thailand,. Thai script descends from the Tamil Pallava Script, Tamil Brahmin Priests from Rameswaram were the ones who anointed the original Thai king, their descendants still live their today and consecrated the most recent King Rama as well while singing ancient Tamil Hymns. The links are endless between them culturally and liturgically.

  5. Mass delusion and stupidity. Sometimes people are f**ked in the head. Prime example here.
    Thankfully I had sane parents. How I value that more now than I did at the time.
    See what happens when thinking for oneself is discouraged or prohibited.

  6. I feel bad for the kid. Everything is just dumb, stabbing those objects in your face could land you in the ER. I dont recognize it as culture, I recognize it as the world has gone deranged telling me to 'respect' these things and preaching a heresy of piercing your body with swords could 'heal' etc. Its dumb. Wake up.

  7. All religions brainwash and indoctrinate their CHILDREN to believe in absolute nonsense. This is because all religion is grown adults playing pretend. Watch how the little boy gets all his cues from the people around him. The things people will do for their fictional characters are insane. They're all liars and they're all fakes. They all know exactly what they're doing and they all know they have complete control of themselves, and they all know they're 100% bullshit.

  8. As barbaric and crazy as this stuff looks. I have a lot more respect for the notion of humans deciding to take on the suffering of their communities through personal sacrifice, over other cultures who use animal sacrifices. These Masongs are like little Prometheus's and Jesus's.

  9. Its all truly immersive.

    I want to put all my unbiased attention, premature premonitions, uncertainty and all that is absolute in a place where something and nothing is possible and impossible! Probable nor improbable.


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