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  1. As much water and peeing before as possible.Those kits dont work.If they're watching,you try to give em all water sample,if not you get a sober buddy to pee ina medicine bottle and you keep it warm in hot water until you get to the place.Can even freeze the clean piss and use it……must stay warm tho bc they can see if its not body temp range.If its an important job,then decide what u want more bc good jobs gonna test.If your state doesn't have legal( like mine), then move or dont have that good job.

    ive failed and passed many dirty test

  2. in Canada, the only time i ever had to do a drugs test was when i thought id be in the military for my career. i opted for university and weed smoking instead. now i only pee in cups to make sure my liver is still working lol

  3. Depending on the state, you live in some states. Like arizona has decriminalized it We have medical cannabis here, and we have recreational cannabis here for adults. My medical cards prevent anyone from testing. Testing me for cannabis unless I am DUI driving and that is still not allowed. Is me just like if I'm Going Out having a drink? I take an Uber if I'm Going Out to partake and have fun I take an Uber. It's not worth the ticket enjoy, Today, someone came off a myth thanks to cannabis., ❤🤸

  4. Get a Great Dane ( dog ) . Apparently their piss can pass for human . Just don't have it chill with you 'cos it results wouldn't be any better than your's then . Rent one ! If you got one and you don't toke you could sell shots !

  5. Is there any movement to abolish “Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1998”??? Or any similar act interferes with cannabis use? Its legal in new york but for healthcare jobs its still problematic issue.

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