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  1. Dear Dr Jones thank you soooo much for your no nonsense approach to animal care I wish you were here in the UK please can you give me any advice how to trim my young dogs nails I actually bred them but one of them if I just get his paw without doing anything he screams 🙉which makes me jump and stop lots of ❤June

  2. Dr. Jones, please do a video on hyperthyroidism for cats. I know it may be hard due to losing sweet Murray, but maybe this video idea can be done with a friend's or neighbor's cat. Sadly, this channel has way more dog videos over the years so there isn't a video on this topic for cats 🙁 Cats need homeopathic help too.

  3. Can you please share homemade food recipes for dog with struvite bladder stone?? I desperately want to switch my puppy from prescription diet food to fresh homemade food. Thank you.

  4. I don't think Ricky's an atheist. I think he doesn't believe in a religious God. Which in my opinion is most people's issue. There has to be a higher power. Otherwise who then created all this. Nobody knows how we got here. Why we are here. And where we go…

  5. Hey doc what's a good brand dog food to give a French bulldog. I usually give him real food , chicken, fish , rice , ect I was giving my dog wellness core dog food but I just don't trust it anymore.

  6. I asked my vet about fish oil and glucosamine his response was you can give him the human version so far it's 2 years now. My dog's health is excellent, knock on wood, it's become terrible now we can't trust anymore what we get ( for humans & pets: food, vitamins, water bottle) I mean everything is all about profit forget the Health of the consumers. All this should be under National control & law because Each state determines what constitutes cruelty, and the penalties for committing cruelty, this is BS if you ask me. Why do they wait months and months before making a recall? : let's make a few more $$$ before doing a recall. Anyways thank you Dr. Jones for all your great videos.

  7. Thank you for all your videos they are amazing do you have any help on my padadale he keeps scratching and has no hair on his back legs my vet meds are not working plz help if u can thank you

  8. Thanks for this info Dr. Jones, i was planning on purchasing fish oil for my dogs and cats through amazon here in japan, but I'm a little bit confused on what brand is good or not. Now I'm totally enlightened what brand to be cautious about. Thanks again

  9. I do.not know where u came.from.but last week I was going to have my lad put to.sleep due to idiopathic epilepsy on Friday well I found the mct video amd featured other supplements,,,,,a few days later I have my and back he's a nutcase but he's my nutcase he's his bouncy self again now

  10. Thank you for this video.Dr.Jones Omega 3 with Krill is what my babies do.I’m so sorry for all the fur babies who are not feeling well.❤❤❤

  11. I give my cats wild caught Krill oil.
    I take the actual cod liver myself and that has quite a bit of A vitamin, the reason I don’t take it that often. I can see where a small pet can get easily overdosed. I will cut down even on the Krill oil. Too much of anything isn’t good.

  12. Thanks for that information.. I’ve just brought some pro calm oil drops for my dog for a car journey,as he gets so stressed.when should I start to give him some before the journey?

  13. Thanks again once more you are there making sure we are told what is wrong and to avoid these suppliments and the fact they are many other names include same suppliments. God bless you. I wish my vet had an ounce of care you have. She said my cat just had a general urinary something. £130.00 later i get him back paid £60.00for a animal driver with care credits. Within 7 days i wasn't convinced as he said he was going now. So i got taxi £13.00 to free vets well you donations so i paid them £50.00 and he had nurse then they chatted with vet. Vet came and said it not looking good but he was alive and bright but i knew. So off he went for scan. Came back as massive tumour in main organ not anything to do with urinary or bladder. My boy had to suffer taking meds that weren't doing anything apart from emptying our purse. He was put to sleep that day. The vet was great i knew i had felt a tumour but nothing from the expensive vet. She did a water test and not told result. That was shortly after your cat Murray went over the rainbow bridge so they maybe playing now. Justice for animals welfare same as humans. Living souls most beautiful animals deserve better health restrictions and ways warehouses plants they all make them as good as humans. Clean up our planet Earth and Waters and Air .
    With you sir dr jones we are going in right direction. Please people pass it on to shops and vets and animal lovers . Love your work. Love Bernadette xoxox

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