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  1. I just started using floraflex I figured I would give it a try since you are having such awesome results I don't have any automatic drippers I am in soil though which feeding regimen chart are you following I sure could use some help on this everything seems like it's starting to get a little too light of a green color since I started using it

  2. HI, What kind of evaporative humidifier did you buy? You mentioned it last week and I had the fogger too and had a "white out" in my tent.
    Either RO water or get a evap humidifier? Anyway if you get this let me know

  3. Yeah, the house will speak to you. Trust everyone that's telling you this. We are looking but, not even trying to get serious about buying a house until something happens that benefits the buyers.

  4. lol i think she is the normal one and the dude is the wierdo but most people would like this frute cake becuase there younger then 30 lol anyone younger then 28 is weird and dont know what is real or fake so dont feel wierd girl your the normal one to me lol not that i dont like the guy but i woild never talk or act like that because im a man and im older then 34 lol so im from another world compared to the freeks now adays lol

  5. If everyone donates just $1 X 25.6k subscribers, it could get them over the line.
    Awesome guys, they dont have to pay the realestate fees either thats 5-6% + advertising here so it only leaves the legal fees 👍
    Missed the live stream but catching up now 😀

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