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  1. It's not hard to hit a golf ball….but it's hard to play golf at a high level. If you are an elite hitter and you KNOW a 90 mph fastball is coming….you're going to hit .400. Golf is a different animal. They are both fucking hard to do at a high level.

  2. Hitting a baseball, throwing a baseball and stopping a well shot puck as a hockey goalie has to be the hardest thing in sports. Also, no other position can actually “win you a game” on its own.

  3. There is a great debate on Chicago sports radio started by Dan Bernstein and Jason Goff. Bernstein stated he could hit off of 90 mph pitching off an MLB pitcher. It’s impossible, especially with curve on the ball. Shane is right on this one.

  4. The World Series !? The only world that plays in this sport is in USA so how can it be the World Series ? And if golf was that easy then how can practicing on a daily still keep golf pros on their toes as golfers need to understand many things – weather – stance – grip – different types of turf – yet even when you have all these in check golfers need to understand what kinda shot they’re playing as no round is the same I.e you playing a draw? Or a fade and not every golfer can hit a straight ball as it’s almost an impossible feat

  5. THE REAL ANSWER IS WHICH IS HARDEST TO LEARN. some gifted/priviledged 5 year olds can be taught to hit a golfball in a straight direction. likewise ALL 5 year olds play T-ball, and could NEVER square up a 45mph pitch… the level of timing and athleticism required ISNT EVEN CLOSE

  6. Try hitting a masterful circle change, forkball, or knuckle ball. Even try your luck at a Randy Johnson slider or fastball in his prime. It's not even the same fucking planet as striking a golf ball off a tee. There is even a saying, "That one was tee'd up for you" , I rest my case.

  7. A drive down the fairway is a bad example. But the hardest holes in golf would be just as hard to make a birdie on as it would be to hit nolan ryans fastball outta the park. Thats coming from a junior city champ in golf and an avid baseball player…and a mucthafuckin real G! lol

  8. actually look it up there is vids that mathematically calculate the way they measured the mph on aroldis chapmans vs randy johnson and nolan ryan back in the day at the point of where they measured chapman's pitch , ryans was several mph faster. I love baseball n baseball history.

  9. Using a cylindrical bat to hit a round ball is one of the hardest things to do in sports, especially at the speeds you guys were talking about. Hitting a golf ball down the fairway is much, much easier. It's not easy by any means, don't get me wrong. It's just easier than hitting a fair ball off a pitcher throwing 90mph (which seemed to be the argument). This video was great to watch because you two argue like one of my best friends and I. Mad heated about the littlest thing one minute, then laughing with each other the next. Been watching since the early days. Coming off of Dave Warden's (maybe Warren, I forget) Weed Report videos, you guys had the best content by far. Super informative, but relatable enough to feel like a buddy is giving you the heads up on some new nugs/hash he got. I'll think of a Wake and Bake question for you guys soon. Thanks for the videos.

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