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  1. I am high asf off of my wax blunt and the wax that I had was Bubba Kush and the weed I was puffing on was Grape Gasoline which is an Indica dominant hybrid ayyyyyy………………………………………

  2. My friend had one of them magnet batteries for her cart. But after a while the connection wasn’t really there anymore. I like the ones you gotta twist in but personally I only ever smoke stizzy pods soo that’s a different set up.

  3. I’ve been watching you for years & I always am so excited when you upload. Also pierogis are the best!! My grandma and I make them homemade every Christmas and they are honestly so easy to make! I hope you have a wonderful holiday and a great new year, I cant wait to see your 2023 content 🙂 keep up the great work

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