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  1. You taught me so much this episode that's why I find that dabbing doesn't settle my stomach as much as flour I'm not saying that dabbing doesn't settle your stomach I'm just saying flower does it quicker with less

  2. isn't THC-A converted into THC when you burn/decarb it? Curing does cause partial decarbing some times, but THC-A on its own is non psychoactive until its decarbed…so technically you're not smoking THC-A, you're only smoking THC and the other cannabinoids (CBD, CBN, Etc…) 😉 Love the videos breh

  3. Hey Josh. I highly recommend setting up a better video recording/lounge in your new house. It’d be cool to see more mood lighting instead of the bright white light you use in your videos. It’d also be nice to see a window or some type of depth instead of having the flat wall with fan pictures. Just my opinions of course I’ll still always enjoy virtually toking up with you. Your life is moving forward and we are all excited for you man. Best vibes to you and keep up the awesome stoney goodness.

  4. I understand what you're saying about the smoke smell. Regardless of what you smoke where you smoke will get stale and smell. So do the hippie thing and keep a window open and light some incense

  5. Why not try perk reviews like smoke a bong with a certain perk and compare it to smoking other bongs with different perks to see which is the ultimate perk and to see the second and third to know which perk combinations are the way to go when finding a bong on the market

  6. Quick question. My closest dispensary is like 35 minutes away and I only go there to get High CBD low THC bud. I can get some way more common strains like some cookies, whitewalker OG, GDP, Tahoe OG etc from one of my plugs locally. My question is can I smoke stuff like Tahoe OG (higher THC content than CBD) and then take a tincture of some full spectrum CBD oil and get the same benefits from smoking a high CBD low THC strain?

  7. Josh! I noticed you joined the good side and got a switch!! My friend code is SW-1741-3191-0829 add me!! I'd recommend getting splatoon 2 & mk8, if you haven't already, they are the best multiplayer games on switch right now. My gf and I love splatoon! Stay sick my friend & keep up the awsome content plz!

  8. Lots of luck with the house hunting! Hope you have a good 2018. Really like that mug for sure. Ive been wanting to get one and now I think I finally will since you got a discount code. Thanks for another lit video! 😊💜💚💙

  9. Best of luck on getting a house! It's awesome! But you also have to pay for everything that goes wrong when you own it so that sucks but it's mostly awesome because any wall you could just throw a sledgehammer through and it's cool. Anyway… great vid 🙂

  10. Hey, new patient here, never smoked a day in my life and had my first experience with an edible, was high for 3 days no joke. Due to my low non existent tolerance, and had a straight 30min to 1 hr panic attack or anxiety attack. Then took a nap and had 3 midlife crisis on the toilet for about 3 hours with a few minutes of relaxing euphoric breaks. The day I finally was regaining my normal sober sanity, I took a joint outside and puffed it till it was about half an inch in length excluding the filter/cone. I had a panic attack for a solid 15 minutes and just pure mind numbing brain pulsing feeling, and went to bed like a baby. So anybody here recommend a good strain for a beginner trying to get work done without a panic attack, I heard gorilla glue 4 and cookie monster are both pretty good indica strains.

    Edit: Edible was a milf n cookies brownie 250 mg took a peice the width of my index finger . Bout 50 to 70 mg which for a first time, I can say was a rollercoaster of mind fuck.

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