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  1. I was there it wasnt a good gig. Ive been going to rap shows in glasgow since the 90s and its the first time we had to leave early to avoid random violence. The tickets hadnt been selling so they ended up doing 2 for 1 deals and other offers so basically a bunch of not that into rap music clowns ended up inside the venue. The hydro is really too big for hip hop shows as they end up filling the place with clueless people with cheap tickets. The staff inside were useless as well they simply didnt want to get involved and sort out the trouble inside the venue. But this is what happens when people who arent there for the music get bored. Not sure if Ice Cube will be allowed back and this was after his 20 years break after a kid was murdered inside the venue the last time he played Glasgow and more violence again. Seems more like a Cube problem as theres never been trouble at Cypress gigs in Scotland before. The news reports for this show werent good.

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