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  1. Im sat here up at this time broke as fuck not even a fucking spliff and moaning not real bud whatever or not good stuff to me that looks immaculate but it probably looks much more beautiful and on instantly seeing the genk from the start it made me want one more than ever!. But I ain't try be mouthing you I think your cool and ya videos go off every time ngl an inclin but if I could afford too be able to go where you go all the time which is where you catch footage of I had that financial luck I wouldn't even complain about none of what you check out all over all the time!. Like I said I ain't tryna be a dick just let me in how you being to live in a world full of hidden and blates not hidden treasure troves I wish ya good days ahead the green is the shit if ya stick to forever consistently I think it probs will have you living longer,!. Heard that from Cathy Burke recently but she was asked how she's maintained her young application if the woman said it to be polite I'm not sure she doesn't look old at all so who knows maybe it Is the bud!.

  2. When are y’all going to realize anything u get off the street the name is more than likely made up and if u didn’t hear it from the grower it’s probably not true

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