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  1. Yo it was my birthday today December 15th and yola no sugar coating shit is was the worst fucken day of my life literally didn't smoke shit and all I did was seen Wonka and like fucken nun else worse day of my life

  2. Never do buisness with out a contract ..
    They can legally rob you even if you're on the right…
    There's good and bad people. .

    Had to smoke one with you just subscribed
    Don't trust nobody corporate America nothing personal it's just business 💯

  3. Trust me your uncle john is helping guide your spiritually. List my grandmaw at 7 and she was my best friend/support so i kno grief can be challenging. Just kno i pray for yall daily and hope to see your prosper in the days to come amen 🙏

  4. I would recommend to get AT&T 1 gig fiber connection for your internet. You'll have perfect 1080p streams with basically 0 lag, and uploading videos should be insanely quick. It's like 60 or 80 a month, I forget, which is so good for the speed and reliability you get. Just a suggestion, makes the streams look better!

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